Why Use Russian VPN While Traveling

A question that everyone asks as they plan a trip to Russia is whether they should use a Russian VPN while traveling.  To answer this question, it is important to weigh the costs against the benefits.  The problem is that many of the costs are tangible and easily measured whereas the benefits are more difficult to measure.  However, the answer becomes clear when comparing the costs and benefits in context.

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2 Primary Costs of Using a Russian VPN While Traveling

The two noticeable costs of using a Russian VPN are time and money.  Quality Russian VPN services carry a nominal fee, normally billed monthly.  Fortunately, most services offer a free trial so users are not stuck with a service they are unhappy with.  Once the free trial expires the monthly fees begin.  While there are free services, they are highly unreliable.  They are slow, use advertising and sometimes sell user information to marketing companies.  The financial expense of a quality Russian VPN is minimal, but should be taken into consideration.

The time investment is minimal as well.  The signup process can be completed within a few minutes once a service is chosen.  Depending on how intense the research phase is, finding the right service can take a couple of hours.  Once the signup process is complete, the next step is configuring the user’s device to successful create a Russian VPN connection.  The time it takes to setup a VPN connection varies based upon what protocol is used.  In general, this phase can be taken care of within a matter of minutes.  Plus, quality Russian VPN service providers include customer support in case there are any problems during the configuration phase.

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4 Primary Benefits of Using a Russian VPN While Traveling

There are four primary benefits to consider.  They are increased safety, avoiding high risk browsing, convenience, and the ability to access sites which are available back home.  On face, all of these benefits can be difficult to quantify.

Having a VPN, while travelling to Russia, provides immense safety benefits.  Russia is well-known as the home for some of the most costly malware ever to strike the internet.  It is also the most likely country one will encounter premium SMS fraud, which can unknowingly cost users thousands of dollars.  Additionally, hackers target travelers whenever possible making a Russia VPN even more valuable.  Travelers are prime targets because they don’t know which Wi-Fi hotspots are secured.  Hotels in Russia are also prone being hacked.

A Russia VPN is the most convenient way to add a formidable layer of protection to any device which connects to the internet.  Plus, a VPN allows anyone traveling to Russia to access the websites they normally access in their home country without worrying about whether or not it will be blocked.

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While making a wholly quantitative comparison is difficult, the increased risk of being hacked while traveling across Russia should be incentive enough to use a Russian VPN.  A few dollars today can save thousands of dollars while minimizing the heightened risks of identity theft.

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