If you are reading this, then you probably do not need to be reminded of the fact that while we all love our new gadgets, they are getting so expensive with every passing year. Nevertheless, as is true for every gadget head, we need to stay updated with the latest and the best all the same. On that note, go through the following list of the best upcoming gadgets of 2020, and even a tip or two about how to afford your most awaited products on release.

All Screen Laptops

The moment Asus launched the ZenBook Duo series of laptops with two screens, almost all product experts, marketers and content creators simultaneously agreed that it isn’t just a unique product with novelty values, but that product right there is going to be a trend setter for the rest of the industry to follow suit soon after.

True to their prophetic predictions, all-screen/dual-screen laptops are going to take over the market in 2020 it seems. Dell is already showing off its Duet and Ori collection pre-release, while Asus is sure to add all new models in their line-up. Expect HP, Lenovo and every other Windows 10 partners to ramp up their dual-screen laptop games as well.

Next Gen Gaming Displays

We are not talking about TVs here, but dedicated, gaming displays such as the Samsung Odyssey G9. It looks like something straight out of a future spaceship and even has specs to match! Sporting a 49-inch, 1000R curvature, 5120 x 1440 resolution and refresh rates that go up as high as 240Hz, this is the kind of monitor that will ruin our budget with exorbitant, but worthy price tags!

Overpowered Processors

There was a time when everyone felt that the Green Team was way ahead of the Red Team, but AMD has finally begun to strike back with a vengeance since 2019. None of Intel’s present gen or next gen processors can even compete with what AMD has in store for them with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X. If you have high hopes for Comet Lake, consider that this beast is going to be come with 64 true cores (capable of 4.3GHz boosts), 128 threads and 288MB of cache memory!

Affording Tips: It Could Get Out of Control!

The best way to afford a much-awaited piece of gadget would be to simply take a short-term loan and pay it back in easy instalments. Do be careful with how much you are being charged though, because loans from popular lenders like Moneyshop or Sunny Loans could cost you a lot more than you should have to pay. Go with LoanPig instead, the Moneyshop loan alternative with lower interest rates and higher limits on the maximum borrowable amount.

While it would be exceptionally nice to be able to afford everything, that is seldom a possibility these days. You need to narrow down your Christmas list, so to say! Choose what you really need and then choose something that you really want. Going a little overboard is okay, but don’t let your love for gadgets sway you from your more important financial responsibilities. Besides, we all know that skipping a generation is actually a good idea before updating your tech.