For keeping an eye for the security purposes when you are not there, you usually invest either on 4k hidden cameras (spy cameras), dash cam or many others to keep your surroundings safe.

For such purposes, there is various worth looking for features that need to be considered essential. Such as; Wi-Fi connectivity, vision focus, wide range, storage, battery timings and various others. With the advancement in technology, various other features are added up in the spy cameras of 2021 as well for the consumer’s ease.

So, following are a few best 4K Wi-Fi Mini cameras of 2021 that could best help you for the surveillance purposes. They are as follows:

1- D-Link DCS-8300LH Indoor IP Surveillance Camera, 1080p Full HD

dlink camera

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The D-link security Wi-Fi security camera is best to check your surroundings especially home in a clear vision of 1080p detail. Its product dimensions are 6.6 x 6.6 x 11 cm; 105 Grams. Either you are staying at home or has gone outside you can easily use it’s the app to trace. It has a wide-angle lens of 137°. It is easy to use with motion detection, free cloud storage, and crisp 2‑way audio. Its overall wattage is 5.5 watts and the item’s weight is 105g. No, any batteries are there in it so the storage takes place in the SD card.

Its designed stand is best able to quickly find the angle of view. This feature of it makes it perfect for ceilings, walls and shelves. It can make your life easier more than your imaginations by capturing the whole surroundings. In this camera, you can easily store your videos and snapshots to the cloud, even by using the internal phone storages, the integrated micro SD card slot, or the free my D-link cloud storage.

2- Mini Spy Camera WiFi, Relohas HD 1080P Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Live Streaming

 Mini Spy Camera WiFi, Relohas HD 1080P Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Live Streaming

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It is a wireless motion detection camera that remotely monitors 1080P. This camera can best take the live coverage of your surroundings 24/7 from anywhere around the world. It contains the built-in recharge battery with 800mAh.This camera can work anywhere there are Wi-Fi or cellular services available.

Even without the Wi-Fi, Relohas small camera can also record video and save it to micro SD card for your outdoor recording. It contains 4 kinds of recording modes such as Full-Time recording mode, Time recording mode, Motion Detection Recording Mode and Phone Recording Mode. The recorded files can be checked in the apps as well.

One more amazing feature of this camera is of motion detection alarm with the picture. At the time of going outset the camera in a way to warn you by messages or images to your phone when any kind of motion is detected. Even with the advancement in technology, you can set the sensor sensitivity manually (Low/Medium/ High) to help prevent false alarms as well.

3. Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor: Smartest alerts

Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Smartest alerts

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It is one of the hefty waterproof cameras that can provide the best quality video with an AI feature such as facial recognition. You can easily get to know who is in the surroundings and for whom you need to take any action if it’s a stranger. They are the renowned one cameras with attractive designing that can even add to your home decor. It’s not a different camera but it will give some classy to look to the exterior as well. It contains 4K image sensors, continuous recording option, familiar facial recognition, custom activity zones and auto-zoom and tracking features along.

It contains IP66 rated with -40C to +45C operational temperature, 4K, 8MP sensor with 12x digital zoom and HDR (high dynamic range), 1080p recording and 130-degree field of view, Three microphones and 15 x more powerful speaker, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi compatibility, 2×2 MIMO. This camera even includes an uprated IP66 housing, which allows it to cope with lower and higher temperatures as well.


Investing in security has become an important demand for today’s safe livings. For such reasons, one should spend wisely while buying a camera for spying purposes. The above-mentioned cameras are the best ones to spend on for the series of 2021. Because nowadays technological advancement has made a life of people so easy by continuously adding up such features that could make the livings comfortable.

So, if it’s in your plan to invest in the best-hidden cameras of the year 2021. Go for the above ones. They would be worth to spend on.

By Lindsay Johnson