CRM, in general, is customer relationship management. CRM software is true to its name and provides useful customer interacting tools. The software also keeps an eye on the past clients along with present and future customers. Simply, the main goal of any best CRM software is to improve the growth and revenue of the business by using various customer-centric and other solutions. 

  • The usage percentage rate of CRM is 56% in 2018 and in 2019 it is 74%.
  • The best CRM software is in use by 90% of companies with 11 or plus employees.
  • The rate of companies that use CRM software with 10 or fewer staff is 50%.

Primary Advantages of the Best CRM Software 

The CRM software gives a ton of functions to the companies that use this software. So, below are some benefits of CRM.

1. Sales Management 

The best CRM software assists in every phase of the sales cycle. This software also creates accurate and true sales forecasts for the union.

  • The percentage of companies that are attaining sales quotas by using mobile CRM is 65%.
  • The businesses that are using CRM have enhanced their sales by 29%.
  • In 2019, the top sales priority for 13% of companies is investing in CRM software.

2 Tracking Management 

Almost all of the CRM software offers various tracking solutions. The best CRM software offers tracking tools for leads, data, partners, project status, task management, and many more.

  • It also tracks the client’s past interaction activity with the organization.
  • The percentage of enterprises that request tracking elements in the CRM system are 88%.
  1. Budget Management 

The customer relationship management system enables in cutting out the unnecessary project budget. It also gives a high ROI.

  • The best CRM software helps in reducing 40% of labor costs.
  • The CRM software gives 8.71 dollars in return for spending a single dollar.
  1. Integration Tools 

Best CRM Software

Source: PeppyBiz

The best CRM software maintains many integration mechanisms. These tools assist in collaborating with outer apps. Every collaboration enables controlling and segmentation of the customers and unions.

  • It also offers integrations to Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, and a few more.
  • CRM software also acts as the platform for every internal team integration.
  1. Lead Management 

The best CRM software makes visitors into regular clients. It tracks, collects, instructs, and at last transfers them.

  • The CRM system performs the above process with the help of a pipeline system.
  • The lead conversion rate in the companies that use CRM software is increased by 300%.

Statistics on CRM Software 

Best CRM Software

Below the importance of  CRM software is depicted using stats.  

  1. The companies that use CRM software saw a gain of 78% in the business’s efficiency. 
  2. 46% of sales executives announce that consumer relations are significant for the company’s triumph.
  3. On average, 74% of firms are saying that the best CRM software improves entry to customer data.
  4. The survey explains that the CRM system boosts the sales income by 41% per single sales representative.
  5. With the usage of CRM, 50% of industries saw a rise in their corporation’s productivity.
  6. By the end of 2025, specialists calculate that the CRM traffic may reach 80 billion dollars.

Why Is CRM Important For Small Businesses

One of the big struggles for almost every small business is development and growth. It includes acknowledgment, better consumers, staff, and also additional income. The CRM for small businesses can help in streamlining the workflows and business processes. Below are some vital elements of CRM to take a look at before acquiring.  

  • Affordable price 
  • Custom solutions
  • Best customer service support
  • Flexible and easy to use 
  • Integration tools 

Best CRM Software For Small Businesses

Best CRM Software

1. PeppyBiz 

This is an Indian software that is offering its services since last year, 2019. PeppyBiz is considered the best CRM software for travel, healthcare, IT, software, hospitality, and e-commerce businesses. 

  • Their software helps in searching the client’s activity and allocating tickets. 
  • It has worldwide traffic of 12,000+ consumers and has simple and powerful functions. 
  • Few features are list management, Kanban boards, contact management, mergers, task and calendar views, and more. 

2. Drip

Drip is the best CRM software for e-commerce businesses. Their software helps in building email campaigns and workflow automation. 

  • It has events, tags, labels, and custom areas that help in learning about the consumers’ data. 
  • This software also has simple content customization, list segments, change tracking, asset objective marketing, and many more. 
  • They offer a free trial plan for their software for 2 weeks period.

3. Pipedrive

The Pipedrive software is a sales and web-based CRM software. This is the best CRM software for the sales teams that want an easy and powerful CRM software.

  • Their software offers a pipeline management feature that provides a summary of the full sales process. 
  • This software has features like a clear visual interface, sales reports, email integrations, and sales forecasts. 
  • Some of the features are email indications, mobile signs, email templates, and drag and drop options.

4. Agile CRM 

Agile CRM is the best CRM software for companies that are looking for huge business features. Such as custom meetings, email reporting, drag and drop options, and many more.

  • Their system also has various unique features. Some of them are a big library of plugins, solid API, widgets, integrations, and a few more.
  • The free version of this software is free for up to 10 users. 

5. Salesflare

Salesflare CRM software is good for small businesses, medium industries, that sell B2B services. This is the best CRM software if you are looking for CRM that helps in active selling.

  • Salesflare software automates the pulling up information process.
  • This software is easy and simple to use but maintains powerful features.
  • Their software even allows the user to create and post personal or private email series in order.

6. Streak CRM 

This is also one of the good software for minor startup companies. Streak CRM is the best CRM software for Gmail fanatics. To be frank, this software is a browser plugin.

  • It is nice for small boards because they can offer direct help out of the Gmail inbox.
  • These features make it simple for tracking views, email schedules, sending bulk emails, and many more.
  • It also assists in building diverse email strings that cater to many squads.
  • Such as HR support, marketing hub, sales, and a few more.

7. Base CRM 

This software is useful for small and tiny businesses. This is the best CRM software for firms that want to customize their sales pipeline system.

  • Their software allows the users to add stuff such as titles, leads, and observers to every sales deal in the Sales Pipeline area.
  • Base CRM offers the best sales tracking tools that allow the clients to customize their sales phases.
  • Some of the features are templates, real-time visual reports.
  • It also offers integrations with social media platforms and other outer apps such as Yesware, Mailchimp, Zapier, and many more.


Above are some of the good CRM software that offers decent solutions for the growth of small and tiny corporations. Choose the best among them that is perfect for your business. And also learn more about the SMS you can send to customers.

By Sara Williams.

Sara is a Content Writer at PeppyBiz. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt about keeping up with marketing and sales.