Airbnb apartment & vacation rentals are being targeted by thieves who want to steal people’s possessions.

Do you want to know which security system will keep you and your guests safe on Airbnb? If so, this might be the article for you. You’ll learn which is the best security system for Airbnb.

Do you need a security system for your Airbnb? Of course you do.  Renting out your home through Airbnb allows you to make money by letting travelers stay in your home. Before you begin renting out your property make sure that it is safe.

You’re not at the property all the time, and you can’t watch over your place from your phone. But you love being able to check on your home and see what’s happening while you’re away. With a good camera system, you can. And it’ll also let you record high-quality video to protect your property and make sure it’s safe!

Best security camera system for airbnb. Top sellers

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Top 5 best Airbnb security cameras and alarm systems

The best airbnb security system must protect your home against break-ins, intruders, and theft. They won’t just record activity in your home, but they’ll also alert you if someone is trying to enter your home. The best security systems for Airbnb will work 24/7. This means that they’re always ready to protect you, and your guests.

#5. SKK Home Security System

SKK Home Security System (2nd Gen), 11-Piece Wireless Alarm System Kit, Alarm Siren, Door/Window...
  • 🔔It's a great security system for home - The 11-Piece SKK (Gen 2) wireless security system kit includes 1 base station, 2 remote, 8 entry sensors. Control SKK smart alarm system wireless anywhere, anytime via smartphone Smart Life App. It supports the expansion of up to 20 sensors and 5 remote controls. No contracts and no subscription fee.!
  • 🔔EARLY-WARNING NOTIFICATIONS - When someone illegally opens your door or window and enters your property or private place. SKK smart entry sensors will trigger the base station to send out a loud alarm, and your mobile phone has instant app notifications. Equip every door and window with the protection of the SKK security system to deter burglars and give you peace of mind.!
  • 🔔DIY INSTALLATION - SKK (Gen 2) Smart System installation is easier and simpler than previous versions. So enjoy the SKK security alarm system in minutes. No tools required. Device all wireless connection, up to 8 hours backup battery support, so it keeps protecting your property when it loses power.
  • 🔔VOICE CONTROL - SKK alarm system compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Away, disarm and go home modes can be easily controlled hands-free by voice. It's only works on 2. 4GHz bandwidth. ( It does not support 5GHz networks)
  • 🔔SYSTEM RELIABILITY - We have high-quality material, more stable and reliable system, almost everything in the system can be set up, the sensor has an ultra-stable connection to the base station. Available for house or apartment, for offices, garages, stores, condos. etc.

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The SKK Home Security System Wireless Alarm System Kit is a complete wireless home security system for Airbnb.

This kit includes a keychain remote control, wireless motion sensors, door/window sensors, and a siren that works with both Alexa and Google assistant .

Now, you can get real-time notifications on your smartphone anytime, anywhere,

And you don’t need to pay any monthly fees to use the system.

#4. Cove – 12 Piece Home Security Alarm System Kit – Wireless – 24/7 Professional Monitoring

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Instantly turn your Airbnb home into a safe and secure space using the Cove smart home alarm system kit.

The Cove is the perfect monitoring system for your Airbnb rental. It’s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa voice control, and will let you know if someone tries to enter your home.

Although it does not use a camera it offers good protection by utilizing a series of sensors.

It is an easy to install home security system using a smartphone app to arm and disarm your alarm system.

#3. Ring Alarm 8-piece kit home security system

Ring Alarm 8-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security system with 30-day free Ring Protect Pro...
  • A great fit for 1-2 bedroom homes, this Alarm Kit includes one Base Station, one Keypad, four Contact Sensors, one Motion Detector, and one Range Extender.
  • Includes an intuitive Keypad that can arm and disarm your Alarm and Contact Sensors that detect when doors or windows open.
  • Choose the Ring Alarm Kit that fits your needs and detect even more with additional Alarm Sensors and accessories (sold separately) at any time.
  • With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription required, sold separately), receive mobile notifications when your system is triggered, change your Alarm modes, and monitor all your Ring devices all through the Ring app.
  • Level-up your protection. Get 24/7 emergency police, fire and medical response with optional Alarm Professional Monitoring, keep your Ring Alarm online during a power outage, and more, for $20/month with a Ring Protect Pro Plan (subscription required, sold separately).

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Ring Alarm is a secure way to monitor your home from anywhere with a smartphone. Ring Alarm comes with everything you need to set up a high-tech home alarm system that works with Alexa for hands-free convenience.

Ring Alarm offers an affordable alternative to professionally monitoring your home. With this system, you get access to the same features and benefits as professionals, and you control everything from your smartphone.

#2. Blink Outdoor and Indoor – wireless, HD security cameras

Blink Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen) – wireless, HD security cameras with two-year battery life and...
  • This bundle contains the Blink Outdoor – 3 camera kit (including Sync Module 2) and 3 Blink Indoor smart home security cameras.
  • Indoor and Outdoor are wireless battery-powered HD security cameras that run for up to two years on two AA lithium batteries (included).
  • Get motion detection alerts on your phone with the option to customize motion zones in the Blink Home Monitor app so you’re only alerted when you need to be.
  • See, hear, and speak to visitors with live view in real time and two-way audio features on your Blink app.
  • Designed so you can set up yourself in minutes. No wiring, no professional installation required.

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If you are asking yourself “which outdoor security system will be the best?” then you must check out this security system.

Blink Outdoor and Indoor Camera Kit is a wireless, HD security camera and motion sensor with two-year battery life and a powerful micro-processor.

With easy setup and the ability to connect to your home router, it is the perfect solution for you to monitor the outside and inside of your home anytime, day or night.

The Blink Indoor HD Wi-Fi security camera delivers high quality video and audio for your indoor use, such as watching over your home.

And the best airbnb security system is….

#1. SimpliSafe 12 Piece Wireless Home Security System w/HD Camera

SimpliSafe 12 Piece Wireless Home Security System w/HD Camera - Optional 24/7 Professional...
  • Simple to set up. Seriously secure. Get ready to protect right out of the box. Just plug in the Base Station and camera, place your sensors, and start protecting your home. No wiring or drilling required. The SimpliSafe App will walk you through the details, or contact SimpliSafe directly for professional installation.
  • 1 FREE Month of 24/7 professional monitoring with Fast Protect Technology for fast police response - With optional monitoring services, our agents keep watch even when you can't, ready to instantly alert emergency responders. Starting at 66c/day with no long-term contracts or hidden fees. (SimpliSafe products and professional monitoring services are only offered for sale and supported in the US)
  • Complete control of your system with the SimpliSafe App - Arm, disarm and protect anytime, anywhere.
  • See what's happening inside - The SimpliCam Wired Indoor Security Camera lets you see what’s happening at home anytime from your phone, tablet or computer, and it comes with a built-in stainless steel shutter for complete control over your privacy.
  • Faster police response - When you enable video verification on your SimpliSafe cameras, our professional monitoring agents can use eyewitness evidence to verify a break-in which can mean priority dispatch for faster police response. (Requires Fast Protect Monitoring plan)

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Whether you want a smart home security system to your Airbnb rental or protect your family or keep an eye on your pets, the SimpliSafe wireless home security system offers complete protection for every room in your home.

It has the latest technology to provide high definition video and sound recording of events. With its sleek design, it looks great and can be placed virtually anywhere.

It’s easy to install, and can be connected to almost every smartphone, tablet, and computer using a free app.

Because it includes everything you need (base station, keypad, 5 entry sensors, 2 motion sensors, 1 keyfob, 1 panic button, 1 SimpliCam security camera) for a complete security system the SimpliSafe is the best home security system for Airbnb.

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Shopping guide

If you’re thinking about buying a security system for your Airbnb, here are a few things to look for in a good system.

Easy setup

Security systems are easy to set up, but you need to know what you’re doing.

The easiest way to install a security system is with a professional installer. They have all the right tools and know how to use them.

You can do it yourself if you don’t want to spend the time and money on an installer. Most of the security systems are easy to install so if you are a handy person who loves DIY projects it won’t be difficult to do the work yourself.

Great battery life

Many cheap systems last only a few hours, even after a power outage. If you leave the house for an hour and come back to find a burglar in your home, you’ll probably lose everything.

Look for a system with a long battery life, a two-year battery life is considered to be great.

Motion detection

Motion detectors can be expensive, but they can be a good value if you install them correctly. Look for a system that has a wide range of motion detection zones.

Guest access

Do you want your guests to have access to your house while they’re there? A system that allows guest access will require a code to enter the house.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is a feature that lets you see what is happening in your home even if you’re not there.

Easy to use software

If you don’t like the software or interface, you’ll have to deal with it. So choose a product that comes with a simple and intuitive user interface. Look for the best user friendly security camera system. You will make your life a lot easier.

Easy  maintenance

The best Airbnb security systems  are easy to maintain. They don’t require much upkeep, which is great for busy homeowners.

best home security system for airbnb

In conclusion

Airbnb has been growing quickly, and many homeowners are now listing their properties as short term rentals, often without any kind of security in place.

There are affordable, simple and effective security systems that are designed specifically for Airbnb rentals, and it can protect against burglary, theft, fire, and other safety hazards.