If you want to get the best smartwatch read this article carefully. We analyzed top 5 best smartwatches so you can make an informed decision. Read each review and see which watch fits your needs best.

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Top 5 best smartwatches

#5. Steel HR Sport Review

Withings Steel HR Sport

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If you are looking to buy the best smartwatch you should have a look at Steel HR sport hybrid.

Steel HR sport hybrid smartwatch is an advanced activity and sleep tracker with heart rate monitoring, smartphone notifications, connected GPS, and a long life battery.

It also features fitness level assessment via vo2 max estimation.

Steel HR sport is a real watch with a unique extra: an activity dial which shows progress towards your step goal, but it also has a digital display. So you can easily view heart rate and other health data at the push of a button.

Steel HR sport automatically tracks walk, run, swim and sleep as well as distance and calories burned which makes it one of the best smartwatch for sports enthusiasts.

It also tracks heart rate day and night. Continuous heart rate mode automatically activates with running but you can also manually activate workout mode at any time and select your sport with a simple long press on the watch button.

Steel HR sport can track more than 30 activities and you can select up to 5 for quick access. And with connected GPS when your smartphone is on you and location settings are enabled you can get and share a map of your session after your workout with duration, distance, pace, and calories burned.

With a short press the display provides easy access to the main functions of the watch including heart rate, steps distance, calories burned, alarm time, notifications, battery life, and the date.

You can even enable smartphone notifications so you can customize your watch to gently vibrate and alert you whenever you receive an incoming call, text or calendar notification.

And you can receive fully customizable alerts from all your favorite apps and unlike many HR trackers, Steel HR sport is water resistant up to 50 meters so you can enjoy automatic swim tracking and even shower with it so you never have to worry about taking it off.

The best part Steel HR sport has a battery life of up to 25 days, longer than any other hr tracker on the market and charging it is a snap.

And while the watch’s display gives you access to real-time data the watch syncs via Bluetooth to the free Healthmate app available for ios and Android.

Open the app for a rich timeline of your activity, sleep and other health data.

If you own additional products tap on your timeline to view your activity graph, an overview of your distance for all activities, calories and heart rate throughout the day.

For running or workout mode you can view a detailed heart rate graph in your Timeline with information on maximum heart rate time spent in heart rate zones and duration.

This is where you will find a map of sessions tracked with connected GPS and your fitness level.

Yes, Steel HR sport can assess your fitness level when you run based on vo2 max estimation. The higher your level is the more fit you are.

The app also displays sleep so each morning if you wore your watch to bed you can view a complete breakdown of your night including sleep duration light and deep sleep and wake ups

You’ll also get a sleep score which rates your night according to many factors including depth duration, regularity, and interruptions.

For each night you can also view your heart rate trend. As well as your overnight heart rate you can also set silent vibrating alarms which can even wake you up at the best time in your sleep cycle.

Steel HR sport comes in many styles has easily swappable bands and syncs with over 100 top health and fitness apps.

It all adds up to a tracker that works with your life, improves your workouts, and goes the distance for your health.

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#4. Garmin Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch

Garmin Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch

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Is this the best smartwatch for sport activities? Read its review and find out.

Garmin Vivoactive 4S smartwatch is the successor to the Garmin Vivoactive 3 smartwatch, it was able to maintain the great qualities in health, and fitness tracking and smartwatch features that impressed in the Garmin Vivoactive 3.

One new feature is that Garmin have now scrapped the music name from the Vivoactive range and have music storage as standard on both the 4 and the smaller sized 4s which is reflected in the price.

You could easily find a non-music fever active 3 for under 200 pounds but now the Vivoactive 4 and 4s can often start at 219 pounds.

With the introduction of the S preceding the model number Garmin now offer a large and small size watch.

This version is the smaller sized 40-millimeter version, but you can also get this in 45 millimeter if you prefer a bigger watch housing.

The 4S is made from the same corning Gorilla Glass 3 as the last year’s version as well as being the same that featured on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Apple Iphone 5s.

You have still got the same polymer case, stainless steel bezel and silicon band which can be interchanged if you prefer the look of a different band.

If you do, you will need the 18-millimeter quick release band for the 4S and the 22 millimeter quick release band for the 4.

You still have the touchscreen capabilities on the color display, but one feature from the Vivoactive 3 that hasn’t been carried over into this generation is that nifty sideswipe interface that allowed you to conveniently scroll up and down the watches menus.

Battery life has remained the same in this Vivoactive generation. You’re still going to get the same seven  days life in smartwatch mode and up to five hours in GPS mode while listening to music, but obviously these figures are going to decrease drastically depending on the health and fitness features that you have enabled.

As well as improving the existing health monitoring features such as heart rate, stress tracking, sleep tracking hydration levels and if you’re female your menstrual cycle 4S builds on those features with more emphasis on stress and fitness management.

With 24/7, respiration tracking you can follow the number of breaths you’re taking during the day and night and contributes to a more accurate result when tracking your stress and fitness levels.

Body battery energy monitoring. Which using other health monitoring features like

heart rate stress and activity levels can determine when you’re at your best, physically speaking.

The higher the score usually first thing in the morning and after a good night’s sleep the better you’ll be at carrying out a physical activity, following on from this your battery levels will decrease naturally throughout the day.

Pulse OX blood oxygen saturation monitoring.. The feature that most of the top smart watches like the Apple Watch series 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 are now incorporating alongside their heart monitoring,  and in the Apple Watches case also the ECG monitoring.

Now, your blood oxygen saturation level during the day and night is a nice feature to have, but in most healthy children and adults their oxygen saturation isn’t going to fluctuate much between 95 and 100.

Whom this feature is useful for? Is for people who have chronic respiratory and heart diseases such as asthma where this data is helpful or to help them monitor levels which may or may not result in them having to take immediate short-term or long-term action.

Unfortunately compared to a pulse oximeter used by medical individuals predominantly on the finger the Vivoactive 4 showed 94 while the finger pulse oximeter showed 99-blood oxygen saturation. This is a big difference and maybe you should use a medical device instead of this smart watch to monitor oxygen saturation.

To show the accuracy of the blood oxygen saturation data from the 4S I’ve got a pulse oximeter used by medical individuals predominantly on the finger as you can see here the oximeter shows

Before S follows in the 3’s path by offering the same smartwatch features such as connectivity via Bluetooth and plus which allows your watch to connect to other compatible health monitoring devices such as external hardware monitors and wi-fi.

When I reviewed the Vivo Active 3 I was using it with an iPhone. But with the 4s it’s being used with an Android phone, the Samsung galaxy s20 which means you’ll get enhanced interactions with your notifications from your phone where you can send responses and reject calls as opposed to only being notified of those things without the ability of having to interact with it.

With an iPhone all of the data is still being collected via the Garmin connect app, which is available on both the App store and the Google play store.

What I like about the app is with all that health and fitness data that the watch collects about you is presented in a clear and concise way, or as Garmin like to put it fitness at your fingertips.

Through your customized day at a glance tracking your activities, sleep patterns, energy hydration and stress levels in as much or as little detail as you want.

Within the app you can create workouts with new animations shown on your watch just to show you exactly how to do the exercise.

You can earn badges based on your activity accomplishments and see how your friends are getting on with that activities, if they have Garmin devices as well.

Activity tracking and GPS tracking is still great, but what else you would expect from a company who specialize in GPS technology like Garmin do.

Now in a running activity you just have to set up and wait for the GPS. It took about a minute to find the GPS but once it does, you can start your activity.

You can always check it if you ever need to take a break and you can even check it while you’re running as well, and then when you’re finished you just simply end your activity and it just syncs to all of your fitness apps.

You are still able to track your golfing activities, outdoor wrenches, and cycling, and an improvement in the swimming tracking.

You are now able to get heart rate readings while underwater which is a feature that Garmin has introduced to a lot of their more budget smartwatches that are compatible with swimming.

With all these features, there is still Garmin pay just like Samsung pay and Apple pay. You are able to pay contactless even if you do not have your phone or wallet on you while you are on a run or nipping out of the office on your break.

Regarding the Garmin play, I have not found it that useful because there is not many places that do actually accept Garmin pay. So maybe in the future that is something that’s going to compete with sort of Android pay, Apple pay and various other things like that.

What are the upgrades from last year’s Vivo Active 3 and 3 music?

With all its well-being features including the health and fitness monitoring workout tracking the huge amount of data that this risk size computer collects about you while at the same time being able to collect and act on this data totally autonomously from your smart watch and together with its convenience at being just a pretty good smartwatch make the Garmin Vivoactive 4 and 4s a great option for you if you’re looking to start your health and fitness journey.

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#3. TicWatch Pro 4G LTE

TicWatch Pro 4G LTE

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Here we’re taking a look at TicWatch Pro with 4G LTE, probably the best smartwatch if you want a long lasting battery.

I’m not going to give you biased feedback it’s all honest opinions on this watch after using it for about 30 days.

What I am going to do is break it down into two categories and that would be reasons why I would buy this watch and reasons why I may look elsewhere for another watch.

So it’s go ahead and jump right in. One big reason why I would buy this watch is that it has a dual layer display and what I mean by that it has an AMOLED panel it’s colorful and bright it’s similar to what you would get on the Galaxy watch and an Apple, while it’s probably not as crisp or as sharp but it is a good panel.

Then the second one is an LCD monochrome panel so that’s a little crystal display and what this is almost like a Casio display so it’s really good in outdoor environments. You can read the time well and your steps well and it also saves battery life.

So jumping into the second reason why I like this watch the battery life is incredible now TicWatch Pro does claim that you can get up to 30 days on a single charge with this watch using the LCD display and in a low-power mode. I have not tried it out however my watch did get down about 20% and I have the LCD display activated and it lasts for about four or five days.

So it’s definitely an excellent feature to have that dual layer display. It gives you more functionality and it gives you more versatility. When using this watch you’re not always strapped to a battery charger.

You can definitely extend the life this battery and you get your time, you get your steps tracked in a 24-hour period. I think that’s a pretty good feature to have.

Another reason why I like this watch is that it is rugged its durable you get this thick rubber band and a nice hard shell plastic chassis with a stainless steel bezel and for me it is definitely nice and rugged up.

Banged it up against a couple surfaces and I don’t have a scratch on it so I think it’s definitely a well-built durable watch.

My final reason for picking up this watch would be that it has Wear OS. With TicWatch Pro you do get Google assistant and it works almost as good as what you would get on your phone.

So you can ask you for directions or how tall your favorite celebrity is or who the current president is. It will give you out the information that you would get on your smart phone, however it’s not as fast and responsive but it is Google assistant on a watch and that’s pretty cool.

Jumping into some reasons why you may want to look elsewhere for smart watch.

The first one for me is the lack of quality watch faces in the Google Play app store in comparison to the Galaxy app store where I could find 30 to 40 high quality watch faces. In the Google Play Store I found maybe a half a dozen that I really liked.

Now that’s my personal preference but I feel like if you want to customize your watch finding high quality watch faces that you enjoy is one of those parts of customizing your watch. S for me I really didn’t find that same level of quality in the Google Play Store.

You do have access to faces and the watch maker app and those are some awesome applications that allow you to customize your watch faces even further.

Another reason why I may look elsewhere is because you are only given the option of one color and one set of materials for the TicWatch Pro with 4G LTE.

It’s black, it’s rubber, it’s plastic you don’t get the option to get an aluminum chassis or even a stainless steel chassis something that I would prefer to make it look a little bit more high-end.

However that’s just a personal opinion of mine and that’s something that if you’re really looking for a jewelry type of watch this is not really it. This is more of a rugged outdoors get the job done type of watch.

The last reason why I may look elsewhere for another watch is the lack of quality health tracking features that you get with this watch. With the Galaxy watch and the Apple watch you get a really good companion app that summarizes your goals and activities, it tracks your heart rate, it tracks your steps, it monitors your sleep. Especially with the Galaxy watch you get a lot of those features in the Samsung health app and it’s all right there all in one summary.

And you don’t really get that with the TicWatch Pro. At least I couldn’t find that.

With the heart rate monitor I wasn’t really a big fan of. I feel like you get a more accurate heart rate monitor with the Galaxy watch and also with the Apple watch.

For me personally I just felt like the steps were pretty accurate ,the heart rate monitor was so-so and then just the companion health that wasn’t really there for me.

So if health tracking is a big feature for you you may want to look at the Galaxy watch or even the Apple watch if you’re an iPhone user.

So summarize my experience with the TicWatch Pro I think it’s a good watch. You get a really long-lasting battery, you get that dual layered display, you get Google assistant, and you get Wear OS so those are good features.

On the drawback you don’t get the same quality watch faces that you would get on the Galaxy watch, and you don’t get the different material options and color options like you would get in the Galaxy watch or an Apple watch. Other than that I think it’s a good pick up I think you can get right now for 230 dollars online.

Therefore, if you are in the market for a smart watch I would definitely recommend taking a look at the TicWatch Pro I think it’s a good watch in general.

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#2. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6. Top Best smartwatch

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Apple fans consider this to be teh best smartwatch, but there is no surprise here. Read the full review to see if it is the best smartwatch for you.

Is Apple watch series 6 worth the upgrade? Well, in this article, I will be sharing with you why I actually think it might not be the update for you and i will be sharing whom it actually might be for.

So what’s really new with the Apple watch series 6? First off it has a new s6 chip which basically means that you’re gonna have better battery life, faster performance (you can run more apps at the same time), and  you also have a updated heart rate sensor which is also now a blood oxygen sensor.

Now you can have better sleep tracking and you can measure how much oxygen is within your blood.

The other two updates are the fact that you have two new colors, which are the product red and the blue aluminum and then lastly you have the updated bands which are the solo rubber loop as well as the braided loop.

To be honest these are minor changes and if you look at the other options that Apple released alongside the series 6 you might be wondering if is it even worth paying the extra money.

First off looking at the 6 which is basically what I think is the series 5 with just updated features. It does not have the latest s6 chip but it does have s5, which is last year’s model and works perfectly fine.

The only other couple things that it doesn’t have is a haptic feedback on the digital crown as well as it doesn’t have the updated heart rate sensor so if you’re thinking about it you’re getting a pretty nice updated Apple watch for $120 cheaper at around $279.

You can even go to the most basic option, which is the series 3, which is the smaller size it has the oldest sensor. I think it’s the s3 chip which I think is around three generations away from the current chip and it has the lowest storage option of around eight gigabytes so if you think about it you have the entire range.

What I would say is the series 3 is for the entry-level people who are looking to kind of get into the wearable game they want something that they can get some notifications.

Maybe it’s for an elderly person in your family or maybe a super young kid who really wants to get into technology wants to have some sort of Apple watch and I think ultimately this would be a good option for that beginner.

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Then on the other side of the spectrum, you have the series 6, which has all the latest features and the latest tech.

 So updated chip and the blood oxygen sensor this is for somebody who wants the latest and the greatest gadget.

They know they want the latest Apple watch that has all the features and then you have the middle group which is the SE which I actually think a lot of people sit in this camp.

It’s around $120 cheaper but you’re getting most of the things that you see in the s6 it’s just you’re missing like the blood oxygen sensor and the haptic feedback.

So you’re really getting a really good watch for a pretty good price. You can actually use that extra $120 to buy a band maybe a case or a screen protector for your watch.

I think that this is an option that is good for many people.

You’re probably asking why did you get the series 6 instead of getting the SE? Well I was coming from the series 4 I didn’t upgrade last year because I didn’t think there was that much of a change and when the series 6 came out I was like okay I’m two generations behind I can finally make the jump.

Some of the things that really stuck out to me was one getting the always-on screen display, which has been cool to have a screen that is always on that I can see to. It has more storage so it now has 32 gigs of memory, which is great when it comes to storing music on my apple watch.

Lastly, I really wanted the latest heart rate sensor. The blood oxygen is pretty cool I don’t know how accurate it is but the heart rate sensor that’s what I really care about because I’m really interested in tracking my activity and making sure that it’s the most accurate tracking possible.

And I’ll be honest the updates to the app watch there’s really not that much you can do because the app watch has been great for literally the last five or six years. It has been one of the top fitness wearables that have been out there but what I’m super excited about is the application of the app watch of the future where I think the Apple watch is going is in a great direction when it comes to like health and fitness specifically if you look at the sleep tracking app. I have been begging for a sleep tracking app through Apple’s app watch feature.

The battery life was not good then, they did not have the actual app and now that they do I think this is going to be super game changing and really to me put this over any type of Fitbit device because now it can track sleep.

And then the second thing that I’m super excited about is the fitness plus. Now you already know I’m going to be making a review on this as soon as it comes out but this is apple’s new fitness program. Similar to the Peloton app where they’re going to be giving workouts each and every week, they have some of my favorite trainers on there like Betina Gozo and literally I am super pumped for it.

You’re going to be able to track all your workouts and it works perfectly with the Apple watch where you can see your activity levels on the screen, how many calories you’re burning, it gives you a little bit of extra motivation with some of the animations that pop up.

Honestly, this is going to be one of those i think game changing features for apple if they do it right.

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#1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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Today is the day it’s the Galaxy watch 3 review day and I know many of you have been waiting on this one. A lot of people consider this the best smartwatch in the world.

I’m getting questions every day about whether viewers should splurge for another several hundred dollars to get this latest smart watch or if they should just sit back and wait for the next version, which I guess, would be the Galaxy watch 4.

Even though we skipped the Galaxy watch 2, guys I have to be honest with you I was really struggling with how I would do this review.

I must have gone back and forth about a dozen times but in the end, I decided to do something a little different.

I did not want to do just another standalone review because this damn thing is so similar to the Galaxy watch so I wanted to do a bit of a comparison.

There and because it is the first new model that we have had now in a couple of years with a rotating bezel I also decided to throw in the s3 for fun.

Albeit more from a design perspective, so I am calling this review the battle of the bezels. Now the main focus of the review will of course be on the Galaxy watch 3 because it is the newest member of the Samsung smartwatch family.

But I’ll also be throwing in some shots of the s3 and the Galaxy watch because I know many of you already have these devices and you’re probably curious to see how they compare to the Galaxy watch 3.

Now, I did not include the gear sport in this comparison, and yes, I know it does technically have a rotating bezel but in terms of size and design, it just really was not comparable to the s3 or the Galaxy watch.

Now I ended up ordering the 45 millimeter stainless steel version in black and I decided to go with the all black version instead of the multi-tone silver and black combo because my Galaxy watch already isn’t that two-tone version and I really wanted something different this time. And to be honest I think the all-black version looks pretty awesome.

Now I’m not gonna go through all the specs of the watch in detail because you can easily find them, so I will quickly throw up a data sheet on.

I’m just going to highlight parts that I think are important to help you make a purchasing decision and of course to use for comparison to its younger brothers the s3 and the galaxy watch.

Alright so let’s talk a bit more about the design here and without a doubt it is an attractive looking case it’s not as chunky as the s3 and it is definitely more sleek and streamlined compared to the galaxy watch for example.

Just looking at where you connect your watch band you can see the galaxy watch as well as the s3 are basically identical but the Galaxy 3 has more angled and much slimmer posts and that helps give it this sleeker and more modern appearance.

By the way the Galaxy 3 uses the same pin size as both the s3 as well as the Galaxy watch which means those 22 millimeter bands are gonna be interchangeable for all three models.

Okay the next design piece that I want to mention are the back and the home buttons and again the Galaxy watch as well as my s3 here have the same style buttons however keep in mind that the s3 classic model did come with protruding buttons that are similar to the Galaxy 3.

Although the version I have does have those flat style buttons now personally I’m not a fan of the Galaxy 3 buttons and only because anytime you have something sticking out from the case that just increases the risk of either something getting caught on them or having them get scratched.

Plus like I said it has such a nice sleek design to it already that I think having these chunky buttons kind of takes away from that design, although some of you may say that you like the contrasting look as well.

Anyways in terms of functionality they perform the same as the flat buttons and they give a bit of a click sound as well when you press on them.

I also want to mention one cool detail about those buttons and that is an inscription on the back button, which is the one in the top position. Samsung has included the words Galaxy watch along the edge of the button.

Anyways I thought it was a very simple but nice detail to have included and it’s almost like an Easter egg because it’s not obvious and I only stumbled across it because I’ve gone over every inch of the device.

Alright the last design piece I wanted to mention is something everyone seems to love and that’s the rotating mechanical bezel and here’s where you can really see the evolution in the designs.

The s3 has a very flat and chunky bezel with large index markers and then you get those wider spaces for the teeth of the bezel the Galaxy watch has a slightly angled bezel with smaller index markers and teeth. The new Galaxy 3 returns to a flatter style bezel but with a much thinner and narrower ring and you can see that the inner minute index markers are also different because there are now more of them.

And again even in terms of functionality the bezel performs the same here the only difference is that I would say is that there’s more of an obvious click feeling when you turn the bezel.

Now this may be because it’s brand new and perhaps that feeling will reduce over time but it’s a very different feeling from the s3 and it’s not as pronounced as the rotating click on the galaxy watch either.

Jumping back to the display Samsung did a great job here with the design, because the case of the Galaxy 3 is actually smaller by one millimeter from the s3 as well as the Galaxy watch but the actual display is larger.

It’s 1.4 inches on the Galaxy 3 while it’s 1.3 inches on the s3 and the Galaxy watch and true that’s not a huge difference overall but shaving a millimeter here and there just helps giving this that sleeker appearance.

Anyways the colors and the details all look great everything is clean and crisp and with that thinner bezel those watch faces are really stretched right to the edges.

So the watch appears even bigger than the physical dimensions show.

Alright guys let’s talk a bit about the software side now. On the Galaxy 3 you’re getting the latest Tizen operating system which is the 5501 and then you’re also getting the one UI interface which is 2.0.

What this means is that you’re getting a few extra goodies including some new watch faces. You get Spotify pre-loaded and you also have some cosmetic changes to the look of the widgets as well.

So some reorganization and removal of items such as the calories now fall under the title food and the caffeine widget has been removed completely.

Overall though the vast majority of your widgets are going to remain the same.

Some other points I quickly want to mention the Galaxy 3 does come with an internal speaker and mic ,which means you’re gonna be able to make calls directly from your wrist as well as listen to music from it if you choose to do so.

Although it also pairs really easily with Bluetooth headsets which is really your best option for using audio related features.

And for watch faces well you are getting a few new designs here as well as that new shuffle option which enables you to cycle through all or only selected watch faces on an hourly, daily or even weekly basis.

Now in terms of notifications they are actually in the same format as they were before meaning that when you turn the bezel to the left you are going to see them all displayed right there.

You also still have access to your most used functions by pulling down from the top of the display and remember that you can change the order of any of those icons very easily just by pressing down on the display selecting the icon that you want to move and then pulling it to a new location.

For example by default my screen brightness setting was on the second page whereas on the Galaxy watch it was loaded on the main screen so I actually had to move that over.

Also added on the Galaxy 3 by default is your power down button which actually wasn’t even an option. You could add on the galaxy watch so there’s been a few changes but again for the most part they are all pretty minor.

I don’t think we can do a review without at least talking about the battery because everyone wants to know how long this thing is going to last without having to recharge.

I can tell you that it is not getting the same life as the Galaxy watch which is to be expected given that you have a 472 milliamp battery on the 46 millimeter galaxy watch and you get a 340 milliamp size battery for this 45 millimeter Galaxy 3.

Yes it will not last as long which in my early testing seems to be at least one full day less meaning i’m getting around three days with typical use. 

Now keep in mind that the battery life is influenced by many factors such as the type of watch face that you have on meaning is it animated or not animated, the functions that you have enabled in the background and that are on all the time like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity,  GPS tracking.

Also screen brightness can also affect your battery life as well as whether you have the screen set to always on.

All these factors are going to have an effect on battery usage.

The last piece that I want to mention is that if you are someone who’s been struggling with the storage space on your device then you’re going to be very happy to hear that the Galaxy 3 effectively doubles the amount that you have access to.

Instead of the standard 4 gigabytes which has been present on all previous models you now get a much needed boost to 8 gigabytes which makes sense given that there’s now a lot more

watch faces available than there were several years ago and by pre-loading the Spotify app on the device and having the ability to download music to your watch Samsung really needed to pick up its game here, especially since the Apple 5 series smartwatch comes with a whopping 32 gigabytes of storage space.

So the 8 gigabytes is nothing really to brag about but at least its one perk that the Galaxy 3 has and it’s long overdue in terms of an upgrade.

Guys that’s my review of the Galaxy watch 3 along with some comparisons to the s3 and the Galaxy watch.

So what do you guys think is this still the right purchase price for you. I mean the differences are really quite minimal here considering the chipset is the same so you’re not getting any performance boost there.

The look and style is pretty similar and  you’re getting a couple health related perks but these may not be important for you personally.

And the verdict is still out as to how accurate those health readings will be anyways.

My personal opinion is if you already have the Galaxy watch and you can live with a smaller storage space then save yourself the cash and wait for the Galaxy watch 4.

But if you’re someone that really likes new and shiny things and you want to enjoy the latest Tizen updates the increased storage space and other health related functionality then pick up the Galaxy watch 3 because it still is a great.

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