If you are looking for the best desktop to get more done, you have more than a few great choices. In fact, you can find a great desktop at just about every price point. Here is a look at the top desktop computers now available.

If you need a computer to get work done at home, then you want to make sure you have a system that is powerful without busting your budget. In that case, you will want to look at the Dell XPS Tower. This desktop system 6-core processor with speeds up to 3.7 gigahertz. You have a choice of 8GB or 16GB of RAM for fast processing.

Also, you get a wide array of ports which allows for excellent expandability. The system offers USB ports where you can attach your peripherals. The Dell XPS Tower has a mid-range overall price and its an overall excellent value.

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2). For the Serious Gamer – HP Omen Obelisk

If you like to play games like eight or ten hours a day, then you are going to need a desktop that is going to keep up with you. In that case, you will want to grab the HP Omen Obelisk. First, this desktop tower looks like the ultimate gamer machine. One side of the tower has a red-tinted glass that allows you to see the internals of the desktop.

This desktop features an 8-core processor and 32GB of RAM that allows you to handle multiple tasks at once. Also, the HP Omen Obelisk offers lots of connectivity with several USB, HDMI, and audio ports.

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3). For Creative People On A Budget – Dell Inspiron 5680

Don’t want to break the bank on your next desktop? You don’t want to settle for a no-name machine. That’s why you’ll want to take a look at the Dell Inspiron 5680. This system can be topped out for well under $1,000. For that price, you get a fast CPU and VR-ready graphics. RAM is limited to 8GB or 16GB. However, it can be expanded if you need more processing speed.

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4). For The Creative Pro – Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft Surface Studio. Best Desktop Computers

If you are a professional graphic designer, art director, or visual artist, you will want a desktop that allows you to have more interaction. In that case, you will want to look at the versatile Microsoft Surface Studio. This desktop allows you to use the monitor as a touchscreen unit. The desktop system comes with a pen that interfaces with the monitor screen. Speaking of the monitor, it is a whopping 28-inches with 13.5 million pixels. Finally, this system is fast with an option of 16GB or 32GB of RAM.

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5). When Money is No Object – Apple iMac 5K

Apple iMac 5K. Best Desktop Computers

When you are willing to splurge for your creative desktop, then there is only one choice – Apple. The Apple iMac 5K is a serious machine that offers the most advanced features from the Cupertino, CA company. This system offers a 27-inch screen with a 5K retina display and 14.7 million pixels. The system only comes with 8GB of RAM. However, it can be upgraded to a superfast 64GB. As far as disk space is concerned, you can choose between 1 terabyte to 2 terabytes.

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How To Find The Right Desktop For You

While you can find most of the information about the top tech desktop here, you will still want to find the latest prices on these machines. You can do an internet search on desktops along with your location. For instance, you can search, “desktop computer price in UAE” to find the latest desktop prices in the UAE.

Getting Your Desktop For Your Tech-Savvy Life

Ultimately, the best desktop computer is going to depend on a couple of factors. You will want to consider your budget. You will also want to consider how you are going to use your computer. Are you using the desktop for gaming, graphic design, or video production? That will play a big factor in your desktop choice. Start with the above shortlist. With a little more research on these computers, you should be able to come up with the best decision for your next desktop.

 By Regina Thomas

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