Some gadgets are useless. Some are really useful. Others might be cool or fun to own, but it’s all a matter of perspective.

Welcome to this article about Unnecessary Inventions. These are gadgets that the inventor considered to be necessary and now they’re just collecting dust in someone’s attic or garage.

In this video I’ll show you 7 gadgets that will make you laugh…and maybe even make you think twice before purchasing.

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So here are 7 unnecessary inventions

The list of useless inventions could be much longer, but these are the most common.

Avocado On A Stick

Avocado On A Stick

Avocado On A Stick

Are you an avocado addict? Avocado on a stick is the answer to your problems.

If you are really, really lazy instead of cutting an avocado in half and rub it on toast you will use this gadget.

The avocado on a stick is the laziest way of putting avocado on toast.

Why on earth would you want to use this instead of a fresh avocado?

Single sausage keeper

Single sausage keeper

Single sausage keeper

This gadget is for sausage fanatics only.

Do you love your sausage so much you need to protect them even if you have only one? Well go for this useless invention: the single sausage keeper.

The GyroJogger

If you are very addicted to your phone and you also want to die while jogging then you must try the GyroJogger.

This gadget allows you to watch your shows while on a run, because not paying attention when running is always a good idea (in the view of its inventors).

Spaghetti fork

Spaghetti fork

Have you bought the avocado on a stick? Then you must also get the spaghetti fork. It features a rotating head which should help you to eat spaghetti.

Of course it is just a funny thing to have because while the spaghetti fork is rotating your spaghetti the sauce will probably get on all your clothes.

Oreo dunker

Oreo dunker

The ones who already invested in the avocado on a stick and in the spaghetti fork should also get the Oreo drunker.

It is the laziest way to enjoy an Oreo biscuit.

At least this is a fun gadget which allows you to eat your favorite Oreos in a fun, new way! 

The Pillow One S

Pillow One S

Pillow One S

Don’t tell me that you don;t have a special pillow for your smartphone! You really, really need one (except you don’t).

Discover the Pillow One S: “A bed in a box for your smartphone…Your phone works just as hard as you do, it deserves a good night charge.”

The Baby Mop

Did the baby start crawling around the house? Put it to work with the new baby mop. You will have a happy baby and clane house!

The Baby Mop should be the new parents solution for floors. 

In conclusion

Most people think of inventions as useful items. However, they can also serve as fun conversation starters and learning tools. These items will inspire people to ask questions and look for other uses.

Some people invent things because they’re bored. Some invent things because it seems like a good idea. But often, inventions are unnecessary and should be left for dead.

The truth is, some inventions have no value and never will. So if you think an invention is worth pursuing, then you need to ask yourself: What problem is it solving? Can it do the job better or cheaper? Will it change lives? Or is it just a new way of spending money foolishly?

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Don’t forget to leave a comment with your favorite useless and unnecessary invention.