The latest gadget I received for review was the Lifenaxx Mini Massager Lx-025. So read this article carefully to see if this massage guns is worth buying.

Now let’s move to the Lifenaxx Mini Massager Lx-025 Review.

Lifenaxx Mini Massager Lx-025 Review

Lifenaxx Lx-025 is a very simple to use massage gun. The device should correct and prevent sore muscles, loose fascia, correct blockages.

I tested it on my lower back where I had an intense pain.

The Lifenaxx is quite simple to use. The device comes with 4 massage heads so I tried all of them on my back and I found that the flat one worked the best.

I used the device myself on the lowest vibrations’ frequency.

I kept the device on the lower back and moved it around insisting on the points which were the most painful. I kept the device on my back for 5–7 minutes.

I immediately felt an improvement. After just a few minutes of using the massage gun the pain was drastically reduced. And when I say drastically this means the pain was reduced by 40-50% percent.

So definitely this gadget is a great tool for people with muscles pains.

The device is quite light (it wights just 400g) so it is simple to use it on yourself and to carry the device around town (the design is also  compact).

Charging it is also very simple because it charges via USB.

For the ones needing more vigorous massages there are 4 high-frequency vibrations (1200-2800 times/min) and you can adjust the frequency by pressing one button.

Lifenaxx Mini Massager Lx-025 Review

This massage gun is a great  gadget to have around.  If you need to correct and prevent sore muscles or if you have pain caused by muscles the Lifenaxx massage gun may be the right solution.

It is compact, lightweight and super simple to use. I used it on my back alone, but obviously there are areas where I can’t reach so I needed someone to help me.

For muscle pain the device is quite effective. My pain was reduces by 40-50%.

The pros:

  • lightweight, compact, easy to carry and use
  • efficient for muscle pain
  • easy charging via USB

The minuses:

  • even on the lowest settings it may prove to be too powerful for some people

In conclusion:Lifenaxx Mini Massager Lx-025 is  a cool massage gun. The device is easy to transport and use and it is effective for muscle pains.

Lifenaxx is one of the brands of Technaxx, a German manufacturer of lifestyle, security, car and multimedia products.

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