Neon is on point right now!

This trend has been facilitated by a new wave of technological advancement by companies such as Neon Mama. These advancements have made neon more accessible to the mainstream.

No longer are neon signs expensive, energy-guzzling, delicate, and highly time-consuming to manufacture.

Quality Materials

 The neon lights that are offered by Neon Mama are highly efficient, utilizing LED’s that are ultra-bright but waste little energy as the heat output is very low. These signs are not hot to the touch. Being made from premium materials, there is no risk of glass breakages with the top-quality tubing used. As well as being energy efficient, the signs from Neon Mama are fully recyclable and, therefore, very eco-friendly.

Easy Installation

 The installation has also been made a breeze. With the easy fixing kit, times to fit your new neon sign to the wall are as little as five minutes!

A design for all tastes

The full catalog of neon signs on offer is available in a multitude of sizes & colors. They are dimmable available as color changing and also waterproof.

You are more than likely to be after a focal point for your room when looking for a neon piece. Neon Mama has an eclectic range of inspirational quotes and image designs. You are sure to be able to find something to suit your taste with the extensive range on offer. The designs on offer are sure to provide the visual punch you want for your space!

Custom made service

Should your ideal design not be amongst Neon Mama’s catalog, you can take advantage of their superb custom neon manufacture service and get the bespoke sign you want and need.

A text sign generator that is oh so simple, is on-site and enables you to let your creativeness flow.

If you require a custom image neon sign, you can upload a design/picture to their design team, who will contact you within 24 hours with design and quote.

The bespoke service is very efficient and offers quick turnaround times in manufacture and global delivery. This service is perfect for commercial signage, where a company logo or slogan is required.

Light up your life with Neon Mama!

Neon Mama offers its products at a very reasonable cost. Comparative to traditional neon, you are going to get a superior product at a fraction of the cost. Also, the new manufacturing process Neon Mama utilizes means there are no limits to the designs that can be created! So, visit and light up your life!

By Jessica