When it comes to home construction most people think the same thing: they imagine working with a construction company to build a home of their design completely by scratch on a plot of land they’ve bought.

However, there is another way that young families can build a home – and that’s by using a log cabin kit, such as those provided by Frontier Log Homes.

The Basics

For many, they may never have even heard of a log cabin kit. They perhaps imagine log cabins to be built by home construction companies, using hewn logs that they’ve cut or bought from a supplier.

The actual process of building a cabin is much simpler when there’s a kit involved. Pieces can be bought pre-cut and ready to go, all in a convenient set. They aren’t unlike Lincoln Logs, with notches to keep lots in place as they’re stacked, as well as support beams, spaces for windows, and many other modern features that you’d see in a traditionally-constructed home.


Log cabins that are built from kits can have all the same amenities that a traditional home has. Indoor plumbing, electric wiring, glass windows, and heating are just some of the normal functions that you’d see in any house, that can also be found in a log cabin kit. Those considering buying a cabin kit won’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort or temperature control just to have the home of their dreams.

The Benefits of a Log Home Kit

One of the main benefits of a log cabin built from a kit is the affordability. Log cabin kit homes are far less expensive than a traditional home built from scratch, and they are also more affordable than buying a pre-built home. Those who have bought a plot of land and are looking to save money on home construction should definitely consider log cabin kit homes.

In addition to providing decent housing, log cabin kit homes can also serve as a form of passive income. Those who don’t plan on living in their log cabin homes full-time can consider renting them out. Because of their comfort and aesthetics, renting out a log cabin to a constantly rotating list of buyers is definitely a viable option for those building a log cabin from a kit on their land.