Greener Chef has become a leading brand for eco-conscious kitchen products, with a line of popular cutting boards made from antimicrobial bamboo and sustainable wood materials. Their boards promise durability, knife protection, and an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic.

GREENER CHEF 15 Inch Medium Cutting Board with Lifetime Replacements, Bamboo Cutting Boards for...
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - Unlike glass cutting boards or plastic cutting boards, we responsibly & ethically source our bamboo to last. In fact, we guarantee this product for a lifetime. This Bamboo Cutting Board is a memorable housewarming gift or wedding gift and is well received by friends and family at Christmas, Mother’s Day, or even birthdays. For long-lasting beauty and durability, hand wash and oil it frequently with our 100% Pure Walnut Cutting Board Oil.
  • GORGEOUS, FUNCTIONAL, MEDIUM TWO-TONE BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD FOR PERFECT PRO MEAL PREP - If you’re looking for a responsibly-sourced, practical, beautifully designed cutting board, look no further! This chopping board is so durable that it stands up to preparing, carving & presenting turkeys, prime rib, BBQ, watermelons, and as cheese boards. It measures 14.5 x 11.5 x 0.7 inches to make meal prepping easy & to satisfy every creation and craving. Great for any health-conscious chef!
  • NATURALLY GORGEOUS & HEALTHY FOR ALL FAMILIES - This medium-sized chopping block is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. It’s the last medium cutting board you’ll ever need, guaranteed. It even doubles as a charcuterie board! Plus, bamboo cutting boards are better for you. It’s less porous, naturally organic, and food safe. This is a raw, naturally-sourced cutting board made from the tallest, toughest, rapidly-growing grass on the planet.
  • IMPRESS GUESTS & MEAL PREP LIKE A PRO - This wood cutting board is not only impressive in its appearance – you can use it to carve, slice, filet, or chop your cooked or raw meats, fruit, veggies, and cheese. Use it for weekly and daily meal preps or to display fruits, cheeses, and meats on special occasions like your next dinner party. It looks beautiful and wipes down easily, making clean-up quick! This kitchen cutting board will quickly become your daily go-to food prep companion.
  • ENJOY COOKING WITH A SAFER, SMARTER DESIGN - Bamboo's natural properties make these butcher block carving boards a must-have kitchen companion. They’re great for chopping veggies and slicing raw and cooked foods. Easy to care for and clean, this wood cutting board preserves your knife edge longer and is easy to carry safely from kitchen to table. The deep juice grooves even capture juices that you can transform into homemade glazes & gravies. Perfect for health-conscious families

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Greener Chef boards are a good investment for their high-quality materials and construction. The dense bamboo grain withstands years of slicing and dicing, while resisting stains, moisture damage and dulling knives. The natural antibacterial properties keep boards hygienic and odor-free. Their vibrant designs also add style to any kitchen.

However, some consumers find Greener Chef’s premium prices hard to swallow. Luckily, Greener Chef isn’t the only game in town for high-performing, sustainable cutting boards. Let’s look at some of the top Greener Chef cutting board alternatives for shoppers looking for cheaper options.

Bamboo cutting boards top sellers

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Top 3 Greener Chef Cutting Board Alternatives

Greener Chef offers boards in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and designs. Their most popular options include:

best Greener Chef Cutting Board alternatives

1. OAKSWARE 30 x 20 Inch XXXL Bamboo Cutting Board

OAKSWARE 30 x 20 Inch XXXL Bamboo Cutting Board, Kitchen Chopping Boards with Juice Groove for Meat,...
  • ALL-NATURAL PREMIUM BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD! This large cutting board is made entirely out of carefully selected alpine bamboo. Known for its sturdy and lasting quality, it is prone to avoiding splinters, cracks or peeling. This chopping board for kitchen use is truly a must have and essential tool for all your cooking.
  • JUICE GROOVE & NO MESS! All chopping boards can be used as a cutting board when preparing meals and allows you to place hot dishes on the chopping board and protect your precious kitchen counters from getting marked. The well-designed juice groove will catch all juices while cutting meat or vegetables and no lousy odor when used upon meats.
  • BAMBOO CHARCUTERIE BOARD & CHEESE PLATTER! The bamboo cutting boards for kitchen use, serve great not only as cutting boards but also as cheese charcuterie trays, appetizer trays, snack/grazing boards, and more. These convenient size makes for ease of mobility you can transport your cook masterpieces to your party, club, or friendly gathering, meant to leave a lasting impression on your guests.
  • BAMBOO CHOPPING BOARD FOR KITCHEN! The bamboo cutting board with unique colors and natural textures can add extra elegance and beauty to your kitchen and life. And the board has always been the first choice for making high-end cutting boards. ( Please do not wash with a dish-washer to have a longer life)
  • QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON! We believe you should be confident in your purchase, if OAKSWARE products have any issues, please contact our customer service representatives on standby, we want to make things right!

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The OAKSWARE XXXL is Greener Chef’s extra-extra-large bamboo board, measuring a substantial 30 x 20 inches. With its expansive surface area, this rugged board can handle full slabs of meat or piles of chopping with ease.

  • Features:
    • Crafted from organically grown Moso bamboo
    • Juice groove to collect liquids
    • Stain-resistant finish
    • Rounded corners for easy handling
    • Massive prep space for serving platters
    • Carving board quality at 1.5 inches thick
  • Benefits:
    • Sustainably grown and harvested bamboo
    • Antimicrobial to inhibit bacteria
    • Durable for heavy duty food prep
    • Easy on knife blades to prevent dulling
    • Generous space for multiple tasks
    • Impressive for serving large gatherings
  • Considerations:
    • Requires mineral oil application for upkeep
    • Large size may not suit smaller kitchens
    • Significant investment

With its colossal prep space, antimicrobial properties, and rugged board quality, the OAKSWARE XXXL Bamboo Cutting Board proves you can go green without sacrificing performance. This massive, eco-friendly board will serve any home chef well for years to come.

2. LEGEND BAMBOO Reversible Cutting Board

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For cooks craving versatility, the LEGEND BAMBOO brings the best of both worlds with its reversible two-sided design. One side features a deep juice groove, ideal for carving meats and preventing messy runoff. Flip the board over for a flat chopping surface perfectly suited for veggies.

  • Features:
    • 2-in-1 reversible board
    • Flat side for general prep
    • Grooved side for meats
    • Crafted from Moso bamboo
    • Measures 17 x 12.5 inches
    • Sustainably grown and harvested
  • Benefits:
    • Convenient 2-sided versatility
    • Flat side great for chopping veggies
    • Grooves contain meat juices
    • Made from durable, antimicrobial bamboo
    • Generous prep space for most tasks
    • Sustainable and chemical-free
  • Considerations:
    • Handwash only
    • Requires occasional oiling
    • Grooves can trap food bits if not cleaned

With smart reversible construction providing the best of both worlds, the LEGEND BAMBOO cutting board delivers outstanding functionality, performance, and eco-friendly credibility.

3. K BASIX Rustic Solid Bamboo Cutting Board

K BASIX Wood Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove 3 Pcs, Organic Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen,...
  • 🙌 All in One : Ideal for chopping, slicing, dicing, cutting & serving food. You can use them on the kitchen counter while cooking and you can also use the bigger board over the sink while you are peeling vegetables or fruits. Clean with mild soap and water; dry thoroughly. Do not submerge in water to extend life of the boards.
  • 🤞 Set of 3 : Different sizes of our cutting boards allow you to use them depending on your needs. 13″ large cutting board is ideal for cutting meat, 11″ medium board is great for slicing fruits and vegetables, 8″ handy wood cutting board is perfect for slicing garnishes and serving meats & cheeses.
  • 💯 100% Safe Naturally : K Basix Bamboo cutting board is made from high quality, top-grade, eco-friendly bamboo tree, 100% BPA-free & doesn’t contain any chemicals or toxic elements. It is gentle on knives to preserve their sharpness & will never dull them for continued quality cutting. These two tone cutting boards are perfect as a serving tray during BBQ parties or as a cocktail bar board !
  • 💪 Premium Quality : K Basix use the latest and the most innovative technology of wood processing to create the best cutting boards. These extra thick boards are built for strength and will last a long time.
  • 🤝 Eco Friendly: Our chopping board is 100% organic, natural so it's safe to use on a daily basis & will never dull your knives. Harder than maple, resistant to splitting, cracking, breaking. It is lightweight with sturdy design but harder than most woods.

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The K BASIX cutting board delivers an affordable, entry-level bamboo board option with its budget-friendly price point under $30. The board features a classic, rustic aesthetic with gorgeous grain patterns. An integrated hand grip makes maneuvering easy.

  • Features:
    • Crafted from Moso bamboo and acacia wood
    • Natural antimicrobial properties
    • Dynamic grain patterns
    • Juice groove border
    • Built-in handle for portability
    • Measures 17 x 11 inches
  • Benefits:
    • Gorgeous appearance shows off woodgrain
    • Sustainably sourced bamboo and acacia
    • Knife-friendly yet durable
    • Juice groove contains spills
    • Easy to carry with integrated grip
    • Great value
  • Considerations:
    • Prone to scratches over time
    • Not as thick or heavy duty as pricier boards
    • Handwash recommended over frequent dishwashing

For an affordable, entry-level bamboo cutting board with sleek design, the K BASIX is a great option. While not as hefty or high-performing as pricier Greener Chef boards, it provides good value for budget-minded consumers.

Greener Chef Cutting Board alternatives

How Greener Chef Compares to the Alternatives

Greener Chef has established itself as a leader in eco-friendly kitchenware, but they aren’t the only game in town. How do Greener Chef’s boards compare to other bamboo cutting board brands on the market?

Price – Greener Chef boards range from $20 for a small board up to $125 for a massive carving-size block. This puts them at the higher end of the market. More budget-friendly options are available between $15-$40.

Materials – Greener Chef uses thick, durable Moso bamboo along with some wood composite options. Many competitors also rely on organically grown Moso bamboo at varying densities and thicknesses.

Durability – Greener Chef boards promise long-lasting performance and structural integrity. The dense grain stands up well to heavy usage. Other high-end boards offer comparable durability, while cheaper boards may warp more easily.

Design – With a range of sizes, shapes, and vivid colors, Greener Chef offers both attractive and functional boards. Other brands may not have the variety of design options.

Sustainability – Greener Chef adheres to eco-standards for sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging. Many competitors also prioritize sustainability but credentials may vary.

While Greener Chef is far from the only sustainable cutting board out there, they have emerged as a trusted brand devoted to eco-friendly kitchen solutions. Their outstanding quality and performance does come at a cost premium compared to some alternatives.

Are Bamboo Cutting Boards Worth Buying?

Bamboo cutting boards have risen in popularity as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic boards. But are they truly a wise investment for home chefs?

Pros of Bamboo Boards:

  • Sustainable and renewable resource
  • Naturally antimicrobial properties inhibit bacteria
  • Resists odors, staining, and moisture damage
  • Durable construction withstands heavy use
  • Gentle on knife blades to prevent dulling

Cons of Bamboo Boards:

  • More expensive upfront cost
  • Requires occasional oiling to prevent drying
  • Not completely puncture or scratch-proof
  • Some lower quality boards may warp
  • Not as resistant to extreme heat as some plastics

For those willing to pay a bit more up front, high-quality bamboo boards make a smart choice for any eco-conscious kitchen. While no material is indestructible, well-made bamboo boards provide unparalleled longevity, performance, and sustainability.

Tips for Caring for a Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo’s durability comes with proper care and maintenance. Follow these tips to preserve your board for years:

  • Handwash with hot soapy water after each use, rinse and dry thoroughly
  • Sanitize periodically with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or mild bleach solution
  • Apply mineral oil every 1-2 months to prevent drying out
  • Avoid soaking for prolonged periods to prevent warping
  • Allow to fully dry between uses to discourage bacteria growth
  • Store flat in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Use kitchen shears directly on the board to avoid deep knife marks
  • Use a seperate board for strong staining foods like beets or turmeric

With the proper care, even daily use shouldn’t diminish a quality bamboo’s performance and longevity. But always reach for a separate cutting board for raw meats to avoid cross contamination.

In conclusion

Greener Chef cutting boards command a price premium compared to basic bamboo boards. But fans of the brand attest their superior quality and design makes them well worth the investment. While not cheap, Greener Chef boards should provide many years of sustainable and sanitary meal prep with proper maintenance. Their boards check all the boxes for consumers demanding both eco-friendliness and enduring performance.

For buyers trying to balance quality and affordability, Greener Chef may remain out of reach. Luckily, the growing popularity of bamboo boards means options abound at lower price points. No matter your budget, a renewable bamboo board offers an easy kitchen upgrade over conventional plastic.


Are bamboo cutting boards healthy?

Yes, bamboo has natural antimicrobial qualities that inhibit bacteria growth, making it very hygienic for food prep. Bamboo also resists odors, stains, and moisture better than wood boards.

Is bamboo a good cutting board material?

Bamboo is an excellent choice for cutting boards due to its extreme hardness and durability. It is easy on knife blades yet withstands heavy usage for years. Bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties and resists moisture damage.

What are the benefits of bamboo cutting boards?

Benefits include durability, longevity, antimicrobial properties, sustainability, attractive appearance, and knife protection. Bamboo boards resist stains, odors, and moisture better than wood. They are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic boards.

How do you clean and care for a bamboo cutting board?

Wash with hot soapy water after each use, occasionally disinfect with a vinegar solution. Periodically apply food-grade mineral oil to prevent drying out. Avoid soaking for long periods. Allow to fully dry between uses and store in a cool, dry place.

How long do bamboo cutting boards last?

With proper maintenance, a high-quality bamboo cutting board will easily last for 5-10 years or more of regular kitchen use. The dense grain makes bamboo very resilient against knives and impact.

Are thicker bamboo boards better?

Thicker bamboo boards are more durable and resistant to warping over time. But thinner boards are lighter and easier to maneuver. Consider your usage – a 1-2 inch thick board works for most home kitchen prep.

Can bamboo cutting boards go in the dishwasher?

It’s best to avoid the dishwasher with bamboo boards when possible. The high heat and moisture can cause bamboo boards to crack and warp over time. Handwashing is recommended for longest lifespan.

Should you oil a bamboo cutting board?

Yes, occasionally oiling a bamboo cutting board with food-grade mineral oil will help prevent drying out and preserve the bamboo. Oil every 1-2 months, letting it soak in for up to 24 hours before wiping away excess.