Exploring the great outdoors has risen in popularity these past few years, partially attributed to the media campaigns to visiting national parks for their 100 year anniversary. You don’t have to be a member of the scouts to be prepared for a hiking adventure. Common sense and a backpack full of the right supplies can get you started on your journey.

Don’t Explore Alone

The most experienced hikers and adventurers will tell you how important the buddy system is when you are in nature. The popularity and convenience of cell phones and GPS trackers from the Garmin creators have made it easier for individuals to explore on their own, but there are some areas where there is no cell service available. Prior to your adventure, invest in the right communication equipment, such as a Motorola t7200 radio for you and your partner.

If you are going by yourself, make sure your cell phone or tracker is completely charged, bringing extra batteries or power source for an emergency situation. Solar powered backup chargers are a great investment for hikers.

Dress in Layers

No matter what the temperature is outside, dress in layers that can be added or removed as necessary. The hiking professionals suggest clothing made from polyester, nylon or merino wool due to their sweat-wicking nature and moisture management. These will keep you cool or warm without complicating the process through unresolved sweating.

Hiking boots are definitely recommended for serious terrain adventures, but at the very least, comfortable and supportive walking shoes are ideal. Your shoes should be sturdy, offering protection from tree roots or rocks, as well as providing traction if the ground is sloped or wet.

Cool Tech for Your Trek

If you are motivated by music, the right pair of headphones can make all the difference. Look for lightweight, sweatproof and Bluetooth capable for the best sound and convenience. If you are wanting the capture the memory, a GoPro camera offers amazing clarity and portability. They are waterproof and shatterproof, standing up to the adventure that lies ahead.

Food and Fuel

Of course, you can’t forget the snacks. If you want more than a handful of granola or trail mix, look into a portable stove. For dual duty, check out the Biolite stove that can charge your phone!

A hiking adventure doesn’t mean you have to rough it. Bringing your gadgets along can make for a safer and more enjoyable trip!