Consumers are at a distinct advantage. They can choose from any number of businesses, both brick and mortar stores and online stores, to get the products and services they need. To succeed, your small business needs to set itself apart from the competition. Here are four tips that can help you stand out.

Provide Incredible Customer Service

Your customers should be one of your highest priorities. When they have questions, answer them quickly. Go out of your way to ensure their happiness.

One way to provide excellent customer service is to provide multiple methods of communication. While your customers can talk to you in your physical store (if you have one), they should also have other ways to contact you. A phone number and email address are helpful. You may also want to consider a Live Virtual Receptionist for the times that you aren’t available.

Personalize the Experience

Customers are unique. Take the time to get to know them. Not only does this help you to build a relationship with them, but it also allows you to personalize their experience with your brand. As you get to know your customers, you become better equipped to recommend products or services that you know they’ll enjoy or that might complement the items they’re purchasing at the time.

Partner with a Local Charity

Partner your local business with a local charity that’s important to you. You get positive press and show your customers that you care about a cause. At the same time, the partnership lets your customers know about the charity, its mission, and what they can do to help.

Green Your Business

Many people are taking steps to go green. This includes purchasing products and services from businesses that have green practices. If you haven’t already, consider adopting a few green practices yourself. Create a strong recycling program. Use recyclable packaging materials. Compost food scraps. Source recycled materials such as paper, supplies, and more.

Going green doesn’t just help attract environmentally-minded customers, though. At the same time, it also helps to reduce the impact your business has on the environment and can even help your bottom line. Even small steps make a huge difference.

In a world where customers have the power of choice, you want to ensure your business is the one they select time and time again. Take steps to set yourself apart and provide your customers and exceed their expectations.