If you’ve read our previous article ‘The Top 4 Gaming Desktop Computers In August 2022’, you’ve probably gotten your hands on a new gaming desktop (or have been tempted enough to get one!) With all that processing power, the choices are endless. For our favorite poker enthusiasts, here’s an amazing list of games we think you’d enjoy:

Poker Club

This game is one of the newest ones available – only released in 2021. Play the campaign mode and transition from small-stakes side games to big-money main events as you climb the ranks in the in-game cup PCC Poker Tour. If you’re looking for an online gaming experience, this game has you covered too! The game’s “Join A Club” feature lets you team up with friends and players from all over the world to earn rewards, unlock team goals and level up.

World Series of Poker

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be playing in the world’s biggest poker tournament? Fans of the game are no stranger to the World Series Of Poker. The highly anticipated annual poker festival includes more than 80 tournaments, each awarding the victor with the most sought-after WSOP bracelet. This game puts you in the shoes of the fictional rookie player Phil “The Poker Brat” Hellmuth as he faces off against some of the world’s top pros to win the WSOP championship bracelet. Beginners, don’t worry – this game also provides new poker tutorials and learning tools to improve your game. Play the heads-up tournament mode for intense poker action. You can also unlock Las Vegas’s most prestigious VIP poker suits as you go along. 

Prominence Poker

Want to improve your poker skills as you play? Give this game a spin! Prominence Poker’s RPG gameplay revolves around the city of “Prominence”, a gambling mecca founded by crooked folks wanting to go straight. Face-off with four different factions as you play your way to a final show-down with “The Mayor”, the town’s mysterious founder. It also pits you against players across the globe and keeps you on your toes with regularly scheduled events, daily challenges, tournaments, ranked modes and more. The best feature of the game is a single-player AI that makes each match a bit more challenging as you get better playing.

HD Poker: Texas Hold’em

If you’re the type who lives and breathes poker 24/7, this is for you! Link your account through the software and take your game from desktop, to mobile, to web. Apart from letting you win trophies for climbing up the leaderboard, this game is also highly customizable. It lets you choose your own avatar, personalize rooms and build up your collection by trading with your friends. If those aren’t enough, the game also has a “Spin the Super Mega Wheel” minigame that lets you win prizes in exchange for tickets.

PokerStars VR

If virtual reality gaming is your cup of tea, PokerStars VR will make sure your cup is full and piping hot. This fully immersive game lets you play the most impressive game of Texas Hold’em in the world of VR. Chat with your opponents, study their moves and pick up on their tells in real time. It also keeps the table fun with interactive props and toys that you can summon instantly. This game requires an Oculus Rift to play.
Whatever poker fix you’re looking for, there’s something here for you!