A Safer Way to Handle Offshore Rigless Well Service and Interventions

Safety concerns are a reality when dealing with offshore rigless well systems that are in need of service or some type of intervention. Working with booms, cranes, and other heavy equipment over deep waters can be dangerous without the right tower setup to bring a more stable working environment.

Reduce the Use of Vessel Cranes

The need to use the crane on your vessel places you at risk when doing interventions and servicing rigless offshore wells. The strain on your crane when lifting, lowering, or shifting heavy weights on turbulent water can be enough to cause damage to your equipment. A tower made to handle the service needs of rigless wells is the perfect solution.

Compensate for Water Movement

A ProComp tower is designed to help compensate for working over waters that are less than calm. The movement of water can be enough to affect the accuracy of some types of equipment. Having the right tower to help you complete your tasks safely is priceless.

Customize the Equipment to Make the Job Easier

Adding the right accessories, such as gin poles, is a way to customize your tower to complete the job ahead with ease. Not every intervention is the same. Having the ability to add what you need and remove it upon completion will help you get more done over a specified period of time. You can increase your offshore Gulf of Mexico completions nearly effortlessly.

Perfect for Harsh Water Conditions

Large bodies of water can be affected by weather systems like tropical storms that bring high winds. It’s a time that makes an offshore rigless well intervention a dangerous proposition. Using the customized tower system approach makes it possible to service and intervene in situations no matter how harsh the water conditions may be. It gives you ultimate flexibility in getting your interventions and well servicing done timely.

Keep Your Vessel and Personnel Safe

Creating a customized tower to handle your offshore rigless well interventions is the best way to get the necessary work done without jeopardizing your vessel, equipment, or personnel. PRT Offshore can design and build the tower you need to handle all of your intervention and service needs.

Take more of the risk out of offshore rigless well intervention activities by utilizing a tower system that gives you the stability you need.