You depend on your car during the winter to protect you from the cold while you move from one point to another. You expect your vehicle to get you there safely, but if you are like many people, you may not realize that winter cold, harsh wind conditions, and the constant assault of freezing temperatures can damage your automobile. When spring arrives, it may need some tender loving care. Here are three types of damage your car may suffer during the long, hard winter.


Cold can damage your car’s battery by pulling the voltage from the unit, which in turn provides less for the car to use to turn over the engine. As the capacity becomes limited to provide your car with the necessary current it needs, it can not charge up the alternator, which is the car’s miniature electric generator. As a result, the electric power doesn’t move through the alternator, which can’t charge the battery that can’t start your car – and no one wants a dead battery!


Some seasons there are record snow falls. Other seasons have record breaking low temperatures. But some years, there are hail storms that wreak havoc on your car’s exterior by leaving a wide array of damages – dings the size of a pea to dents the size of a small baseball. After a hail storm, don’t wait until spring to have the damage repaired, contact a hail storm repair Lakewood CO service, and get the damage removed.


Wind tossed debris often has sharp edges that can scrap against your car’s surface and cause scratch marks, long dents, or even big indentations. When winter winds attack and your car receives the brunt of the storm’s wrath, contact your insurance company immediately.

You can keep your vehicle safe from winter weather damage by moving your car indoors when possible, but when your automobile is stuck outside, harsh winds, heavy hail, and cold temperatures can cause serious damage. Fight back by having your car fixed as soon as you spot the damage.