Lose Weight Without Dieting App Review

Gadgets and technology are a big part of our life. Now there are apps for everything I can think of and because these days almost everyone has a few extra pounds there are apps which help users tracking their weight loss results.

Because I always look for new tech stuff to test I decided to review an app called Lose weight without dieting.


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First I downloaded the free version which has ads (no surprise here all the free apps have ads). The ads are displayed on the button which is fine because these are not annoying.

The app is simple to use. On the main screen I had to fill a short form about my height, weight and my weight loss goal.

From the main screen I have access to everything – there are several tabs which I will explain below:

  • from the Statistics tab I can track my results (how close am I from achieving my goal).
  • from the Bonus tab I can check if I can get the pro version for free. Evey time I use the app and perform specific tasks I get some pearls as reward and these can be traded to get the pro version for free. This is quite a good idea because it encourages me to use the app.
  • in the Food tab I insert the foods I consumed during the day. I choose from a list what I ate and the app displays the calories. I like that the Lose weight without dieting app has a large database which runs well and I can insert the foods very easy.
  • from the Exercises tab I select the exercises I performed. There are many activities to choose from and I like that the list also includes small tasks (cleaning the floor, cooking, standing in queue and so on) we perform daily and we usually forgot to count them as exercises although they are. Obviously the most popular types of exercises are induced in the list. There are hundreds of activities and I will name just a few: abdominal crunches, cycling, running, aerobics and so on. I select the type of exercises and the time and the app calculates the burned calories.
  • the Notes tab is quite interesting. From here I can track my mood while I am on  weight loss program. I can chose a mood (there are some emoticons) and also write notes and take pictures.
  • from the Calendar tab I can check my activity for a specific day. I have to chose the day and the app displays the food I’ve eaten and the calories I’ve consumed.
  • from the Nutrition Program tab I can choose a plan. I haven’t played much with this option yet. I can select a meal plan. There are few which I would like to try. The Indian vegetarian meal plan and the Mediterranean diet look quite interesting.
  • the Share tab is self explanatory – I can share the app with my friends via email or social networks.


For now I added the food I ate at breakfast and the exercises I performed.

In conclusion: a simple to use and fun app to track my weight loss. I like that it is simple to select the foods and the physical activities performed during the day and that the calories are automatically calculated. Overall it is a cool app.

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