Calling in India

There were times, not long ago when india calling was very expensive. Not a lot of people afforded to call in India.

The new technologies make phone calles cheaper and cheaper. is a site specialized in selling india calling cards. This is an international calling service with exceptional rates especially for India.

It is making it easier for people to stay in touch, especially for friends and family in India.

And it is good for business also. If you open a business in India now you can:

  • chat with your employee using Yahoo messenger, Google talk, MSN
  • use voice over IP and talk using Skypee or Yahoo messenger
  • talk over the phone at low rates.

How much it cost to talk in India? United States to India rates per minute $0.069. With a $5 you can talk up to 72 min.

The calling on the phone and not using a voice over IP service has some huge advantages:

  • Superior voice quality: Your voice travels over Tata Communications worldwide network of submarine cables and satellites, providing high-quality, error-free connectivity at all times.
  • Almost everyone has a phone, but not everyone has a computer and knows how to use VOIP services

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