Are you looking for the latest gadgets? Then read this article carefully and discover a cool little gadget called Scooch WINGBACK.

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What is Scooch WINGBACK

This gadget is a Pop Up Phone Grip & Stand for Phones and Tablets. It is universal and it simply sticks on the back  of the phone or on the back of the case.

By simply attaching the WINGBACK on your phone you get a hands free device. It acts in 3 ways:

  • as phone stand for both portlet and landscape mode.

Scooch WINGBACKScooch WINGBACK landscape mode


  • as a selfie helper. The device provides a better way of gripping the phone while taking selfies.



  • as a car-mount device. It can be used with the Scooch Wingmount (review coming soon) or in the air vents of the car.

Scooch WINGBACK Review

Scooch WINGBACK is a little and cool gadget.

The installation was really simple and it took less that 30 seconds. I have installed on the back of the phone’s cover. First I cleaned the cover with a wet cloth and then with a dry one. After cleaning the area I removed the adhesive liner and aligned the device near the bottom of the case and to press it down for a few seconds.

It is really important to stick the WINGBACK  to the bottom of the phone/case in order to achieve the best stability.

Scooch WINGBACK is doing a good job as a helper for selfies because it offers extra grip when holding the phone. As a phone stand in landscape mode it is really great.

It works O.K. as a stand in portrait mode as long a I don’t touch it.  When using it as a stand in portrait mode and use the phone in the same time the phone shakes which is quite annoying.  I used the Scooch with a XIAOMI Redmi Note 8 Pro and this is quite a large phone (6.53 inch and 199.8g).

As a car mount it stays fixed on the vents and I am planing on testing it along with Scooch Wingmount which will offer me more flexibility.

Overall an useful phone stand, I really love it in landscape mode.

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