It seems like technology has no end. Various electronic machines introduced to us that have made life easy. Gadgets have made things simple and less time taking. Devices have controlled almost half of this world. Now everyone desires a personal assistant like al-powered gadgets. With the help of different technologies, it has become easy to increase productivity. Devices have become a basic need for a human being. That’s why they are now with additional and incredible new features. These features have changed from al-enabled razor blades and toothbrushes, automated vehicles for safety to robotic dogs and home personal robotic assistants.

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There are many al-powered gadgets. The five most fantastical powered devices are as below:

#1 Robot dog:

 you can say it is the cutest and fantastic invention of human beings. The chipk9 is a name given to this dog. If you are a dog lover, this robot dog can be your best friend. This robot dog has the qualities just like a real-life playful and fun-loving dog. The chip will play with you, follow you, and will remind you when it’s to eat. With these incredible qualities, you will get attached to this robot dog like any other living log. It has unique features. If you talk about the fantastic electronic invention, the robot dog is one of these.

#2 Leeco bright bicycle:

A Chinese company has launched this intelligent bicycle that has GPS map reading and built-in fitness tracking. With this smart bicycle, you don’t have to look down to the bicycle handle using the phone because the bike will automatically track the way. It has 4 inches android touch screen system on which the rider can read the map and play music. This bike contains unique features like its camera, speaker, speed meter, compass, and 4GB of ram. It has another special thing: a rider can talk to the other intelligent bike owner with a built-in walkie-talkie. For safety and security, this smart bike comes up with outstanding and perfect launches. The company says that the bike owner can get tracked with a location tracker and an alarm fitted.

#3 Dagadam watch:

It is the most intelligent and watches that has ever launched. It contains incredible high-quality features. More to this, it has machine learning software, a notification system, and a feed. It has gadgets to save your time. This smartwatch updates you about new information and keeps you aware of what is essential in your life. This watch has new spectrum features with 16.7 million colors, 400×400 resolutions, which display natural and beautiful colors with of light environment.

#4 Robotic toy leka:

This robotic toy is named leka. Leka is an intelligent and communal toy from a french startup specially launched and designed for children’s communication development. This mechanical toy is explicitly built to increase the children’s motivation and help them learn quickly and play. It aims at school, and the teacher can control the robot and turn it into auto mode. Leka acts as a friend. It lights up, plays different music, chirps, and vibrates. It can also give facial expressions, display photos and videos to attract the children. One of the unique features is that it is customized to interact with different children in different moods and needs. It has become a helpful way for children with disabilities to learn things and to communicate better.

#5 Netatmo welcome security camera:

Netatmo security camera is a vital launch. This security camera identifies your face, your children, and the member of the house. Its identification relies on the al-machine, and it recognizes from a different angle of the face. It a perfect security camera for securing your home or workplace; it gives a positive response even a shadow passes by. It informs you if it spots any of you family member or your kid gets back home. It also gives an alarm for smoke and co2. This camera connects with the application like android and ios and can make you tune into live video. It also alerts you if something happens and you are not watching.

We are wrapping up!

Technology has advanced so much, and life has become easier with these great inventions. These robotics and machinery have saved our precious time and money. Now the tasks that we used to do in hours are being done in minutes.  The future of the coming generation will be more bright with these inventions, and their lifestyle would be on another level. Using gadgets can be helpful if you make them use properly. Make yourself wise while dealing with electronics. We hope that this article will be informative for you if you weren’t aware of these inventions.

By Crist