Mac Shortcuts You Need To Start Using Now

If you want to make your life easier, one of the best things you can do is figure out ways to save time. Saving time is possible if you know all of the secrets and shortcuts that come with your MacBook computer. Here are the easiest MacBook shortcuts you should know so you can become more productive and efficient every single day.


One shortcut you need to know is how to open a new tab in your browser window quickly. No matter which browser use, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, this easy shortcut works beautifully. Simply hold down the command key and the letter T to open a new browser tab instantly. Then as you continue to find information or do your work on the web, you’ll have an easier and more efficient timeline.


Another easy shortcut you should know if you’re a regular MacBook user is how to quit any program. When you’re working on any software in your MacBook or Apple desktop system, simply press the command key and the Q key to instantly quit. This easy keyboard shortcut helps you avoid going up to the menu bar or to the top of your screen to quit the program.


Most PC users and MacBook users are well aware of the process of copying and pasting content from one document to the clipboard to another part of the document or to somewhere else. Just as control – C works to copy items to your clipboard in a PC, the command button plus the letter C accomplishes this task. Pasting is simple by pressing the command button and the V key. That button helps instantly put the copied text content into your document. If you want to cut everything out that you have selected and highlighted, press the command and X.


Sometimes, you need to find something fast. Whether you’re looking at a 20-page Word document or a three-page PDF file, it can be tough to sift and scan through the entire text to find the use of one word or phrase. Your MacBook makes it easy if you find yourself in this situation. All you need to do is press the command button and the letter F and a simple search bubble pops on your screen. Type the term that you want to search for, and then your MacBook will instantly highlight any uses of that word or phrase.


The screenshot tool is a necessity. If you don’t know how to do a screenshot here’s how. To take an instant screenshot of your entire computer screen press the command button, the shift button, and the number three simultaneously. Your computer will take a picture of your screen and save it to your desktop as a new file. Or, you can take a picture of a portion of your screen. To do this, press the command button, the shift button, and the number four. This can be helpful when you need to use the Online Service Center for problems.


Sometimes, your MacBook will betray you and freeze up for apparently no reason. For PC users the common keyboard command to unlock the freeze up and shut down the offending program is control-alt-delete. Many MacBook users are unaware of the option to do this with their own Apple computer. To shut down any program or force quit it, simply press the command key, the option key, and the escape key at the same time.

If you want to be a keyboard warrior on your MacBook and access all of the easiest shortcuts to help you save some time, learn these combinations by heart. You’ll save a little bit of time here in there which adds up to help your productivity.