Are you ready to build some new apps for your business? These are handy devices that your customers can download in order to streamline their buying experience. Your main concern will be to find the best platform to build them on. Here is a quick list of some of the very best app building platforms for small businesses.

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Buildfire has become one of the very best mobile app building platforms. This is due to a number of reasons. The platform is very simple and easy to make use of. Even amateurs should have no trouble learning how to use the platform to build the app they desire.

The platform comes complete with a number of very handy features that make it easy to build fully customized apps in a quick and convenient fashion. Perhaps the most important takeaway here is that the system allows you to do so in a fraction of the time that older platforms used to require. It’s also very cost-effective to use.

The app-building system itself is very simple. No prior knowledge of coding will be needed. The system gives you the use of an SDK developer that allows you to fully customize the functions of your app. Perhaps the best news is that you can build apps for free for a total of 14 days with no credit card deposit required.

There is also the fact that Buildfire has gone out of their way to make their services as cost-effective as possible. All rates for services past the 14 days are easy to grasp. There are no hidden costs or surprise fees. For an extremely simple and efficient app-building experience, this is a platform that comes highly recommended.

Framework 7

Another building platform for mobile apps that has been making headlines is Framework 7. This app is great for small business owners who may still be operating on a very small budget. It’s very reasonably priced and comes with a remarkably wide range of features.

Framework 7 was formerly a platform that could be accessed only by iOS users. However, it now offers full Android support. This is a platform that is excellent for business owners who need to develop an app that retains the iOS style even on other venues such as Android. If you are wedded to this particular theme, this is the platform for you.

If you enjoy features such as native scrolling, page animation at a 1:1 level, customized DOM library, and Material Design, this is going to be the app you want. However, it may come with some drawbacks for users who do not possess a working knowledge of coding languages such as JavaScript, CSS, or HTML.


If you don’t know how to read or implement code to create an app, you’ll be out of luck on most app building platforms. However, there are a few handy new platforms that can help you create a fully customized app even without knowing a thing about coding. One of the best of this new breed of app building platforms is AppMachine.

AppMachine lets you get around your lack of coding knowledge by doing all of the heavy lifting on your behalf. It comes with a number of specially designed “building blocks” that make things much simpler. It also includes a series of 15 navigation templates as well as a wide range of other options for quick and easy app design.

We should also quickly mention that the app building platform comes with a full guarantee of quality. The rates charged by AppMachine are extremely cost-effective for small business owners to consider. You can either choose to build the app from scratch or import material from your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube accounts.

The Time to Build Your Custom Apps is Now

There is no time like the present for you to get started on building apps for your business. Even if you are running your business on a shoestring, you can easily find a platform to handle your needs. It’s up to you to build the perfect app that will help you keep up with your rivals. This is the perfect way to achieve that goal.

By Tracie Johnson