Many people suffer from sinus problems, and many people think that steaming their sinuses helps them.

Sinusitis affects the sinus cavities and is the most common cause of chronic rhinosinusitis.

It causes you to have a runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fatigue. It can also cause headaches, toothaches, and earaches.

If you have a sinus infection, you need to know the best steamer for sinuses to help you clear up your sinus cavities.

Steamer for sinuses. Best sellers

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Top best facial steamer for sinuses

If you are looking for the best steamer for sinus be sure to check out these top rated steamers.

#5. Best multifunctional: Okachi Gliya Facial Steamer

Facial Steamer for Facial Deep Cleaning, 2-In-1 Face Steamer with Makeup Mirror, OKACHI GLIYA Nano...
  • 【Experience Spa at home】When you have OKACHI GLIYA's facial steamer, you can easily enjoy a complete spa experience without the need to hire an expensive therapist.
  • 【Suitable for All Skin Types】Nano Ionic facial steamer provides better blood circulation and makes the skin 10 times more permeable, helping you to deep cleanse your skin and better moisturize it for a long time.
  • 【3 in 1 Multifunctional Face Steamer】It comes with a LED lighting makeup mirror, when you steam your face can continue to do skin care for your face, and the process of steaming your face can simultaneously moisten the nasal cavity to relieve the symptoms of dry sinusitis.
  • 【Maintenance instructions】For better condition of your skin, please use distilled water or pure water of drinkable grade to avoid the long-term accumulation of dirt and bacteria in the machine. Please cover the lid after use to prevent dust.
  • 【Suggestions for Use】 The water tank capacity of the facial steamer is 80ml, a single time can be used for 15 minutes, we also recommend that you do not use more than 15 minutes at the same time is more reasonable.

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The Sinus Steamer is designed to provide relief for sinus congestion. The unique technology uses steam to open up blocked sinus passages and relieve congestion.

The sinus steamer gently opens sinus passages by creating a warm, humid environment that creates a natural chemical reaction to unblock your sinuses and relieve your pain and discomfort.

#4. Best facial steamer: Sooyame Face Steamer

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Sooyame Face Steamer is an ideal steaming tool for sinus treatment, and facial deep cleaning.

If you have been dealing with congestion, sneezing, or other sinus issues, the Soyame steamer is the way to go.

#3. The most versatile: Newbealer 2in1  Facial Steamer

Newbealer 2in1 Facial Steamer, Hot Mist Facial Aromatherapy Humidifier Atomizer, Large Face Steamer...
  • IONIC STEAM TECH -- As a new type of steamer that generates ionic steam, the skincare machine moisturizes each layer of your skin 10x more effectively and deeply than basic hot water steamers, allowing you confident and radiant from the inside out. This high-powered tech is designed to be used with distilled or purified water for best results
  • 2-in-1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL DEVICE -- Combination of Facial Steamer and Aroma Diffuser meet your needs. As a hot face steamer, it can bring radiance to your skin easily and is good for opening the pores to clean the residue on the surface of the face, detoxify, promote blood circulation, prevent wrinkles and improve dull skin tone. You can also use its aromatherapy function to add DIY essential oils or dried flowers into its basket, making the room full of your favorite fragrance
  • PERFECT AMOUNT and TEMPERATURE -- The steamer takes about 80 seconds to heat up and then produces a great amount of steam (9g/min). Equipped with 170ml high-capacity tank, you can enjoy at least 20 minutes of steaming time for a home spa day! 113℉ hot mist helps you clear pores, purify and whiten skin, reduces acne and blackheads, and makes you look more beautiful.
  • SAFE MATERIAL & SLEEK DESIGN -- Made up of ABS and BPA-free material, making it a good choice for a safer spa experience at home. Further, its lightweight of 1.76lb and on/off switch makes it portable and convenient to use. The smooth lines/curves and minimalist design would allow this to easily situate well in most decor
  • IDEAL GIFT & AFTER SALES -- The package includes an attractively designed Facial Steamer, 3-Piece Eyebrow Set, and a User Manual. Absolutely a great gift for your family and friends! 1 year of maintenance guarantee, if you are facing any issues, feel free to contact our customer care team, for a hassle-free experience

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The Newbealer Facial Steamer is an all-in-one steam, purifying and cooling treatment that gently cleanses and opens congested sinuses.

The steam helps open your sinuses and clear nasal passages. Ideal for sinuses, colds, congestion, coughs, allergies and cold sores.

#2. Top Premium Product: Newbealer Facial Steamer 3in1

Newbealer Facial Steamer, 3in1 Aromatherapy Face Humidifier, 20 Min Hot & 60 Min Cold Nano Ionic...
  • [Nano Ionic Steam Technology] The facial steamer is equipped with advanced PTC ceramic heating elements with new ultrasonic vaporizer that helps produce 0.3µm, ultra-fine nano mists that allows absorption at a faster pace by your skin or hair penetrating deep in your pores. 3in1 Design - Pro Facial Steamer & Household Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser, meet all your needs. NOTE: Newbealer facial steamer is designed for use at 110~125-volt outlets only.
  • [Hot and Cold Steam Modes] The steamer is designed to provide exclusive function that generates warm and cool nano ionic mist. The steamer allows 20mins of hot or 60mins of cold steam that helps open the pores maximizing the moisturizing effects and shrink once the pores are clean. It also features quick fog cold and hot fog out at 1 sec and 60 sec respectively.
  • [Professional Spa with Aromatherapy and Adjustable Nozzle] The steamer allows you to add essential oil or dried flowers in the aroma basket to allow the fragrance to participate in opening and unclogging pores to remove dirt, oil, and grime, reduce acne and blackheads. It also offers 20° adjustable nozzle so you can point the steam in the direction that works for you, instead of moving your face to steam.
  • [Safe Material and Design for At-Home Spa] The Newbealer facial steamer is made up of ecofriendly ABS and non-irritating BPA-free material making it a good choice for home or business for safer spa experience. The steamer is crafted to fit your modern requirements with its light weight of 2.7lbs, slim design that makes it portable and water tank capacity of 180ml.
  • [Professional Skincare Kit] Transform your skincare routine with our comprehensive package featuring the 3in1 Facial Steamer, a double-headed Facial Cleansing Brush, a 9-Piece Blackhead Remover Kit, a Nozzle Cover, and a Manual. Measuring at 8.7 x 4.5 x 9.6 inches and a cord length of 4.9ft, our package is easy to use and perfect for gifting to your friends and family. Plus, we offer a 12-month warranty for complete peace of mind.

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For cleaning your sinuses, your pores, removing blackheads and enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy opt for the 3in1 face steamer with standard from Newbealer.

Cleanse your face and sinuses using this Newbealer Facial Steamer. It also features a built-in humidifier, which provides a refreshing burst of moisture to open up congested sinuses.

#1. Best Overal Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer

NanoSteamer Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer with Precise Temp Control - Humidifier - Unclogs...
  • Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer & Humidifier - The Pure Daily Care Nano Steamer is a new type of steamer that generates nano-ionic steam. NanoSteamer does this by combining a conventional heating element with a new ultra sonic vaporizer to produce nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles. Nano steam combined with ionic water particles are up to 10x more effective in penetrating skin.
  • Professional 5-Piece Skin Kit Included - A Bonus 5 piece stainless steel blackhead and blemish extractor kit is included with every Nanosteamer. This kit includes 5 precise instruments that compliment your Nanosteamer perfectly. Followup your steaming session by using this kit to remove blackheads and blemishes effortlessly for perfect skin after every use.
  • Genuine 3-in-1 Beauty & Wellness Device - Nanosteamer is a true multifunctional device can also be set to humidify a room and has an extra chamber to warm towels for ultimate refreshment or quick and easy makeup removal.
  • Full Size Steamer with the Longest Running Time - NanoSteamer is the only full size device with a larger 200ml water tank allows for 30 minutes of working time with a completely silent operation. It also includes an auto shutoff sensor that powers Nanosteamer down when water runs out.
  • What's in the Box – 1 NanoSteamer Facial Steamer, 5-piece stainless steel skin kit with storage pouch, Power cable, Instruction and support contact manual

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The steam will gently open up the airways and clear out mucous and debris in the nose and throat area. It can be used at home on your own or in the comfort of a spa treatment. For a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Just place a small amount of water in the chamber and enjoy a thorough steam to relieve nasal congestion and ease sore throat symptoms.

the Best Steamer For Sinuses

What is the best facial steamer for sinuses?

I’ve never heard of anyone using a facial steamer for sinus problems, but there are plenty of people who swear by them.

In fact, it seems like there are even some facial steamer manufacturers that specifically claim their products can treat sinus issues.

So steamers may work for cleaning your sinuses, and I would suggest asking a doctor if you should use  one.

Regarding the best facial steamer for sinuses, any of the products presented in the top 5 should do the trick.

Top Steamer For Sinuses

Can Facial Steamers Clean Your Sinuses?

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis occurs when the nasal passages become infected. It usually affects the upper nose, above the eyes, and behind the ears. In addition, sinusitis can spread to other areas of the body.

The symptoms of sinusitis can range from mild to severe. They typically begin with pain or pressure in the face. Other symptoms include nasal congestion, a bad headache, and a stuffy feeling in the nose.


In most cases, sinusitis can be treated without antibiotics or surgery. The first step is to see a doctor. Your doctor can prescribe an over-the-counter decongestant and saline solution.

Steam therapy

Using steam can help ease sinus pressure and reduce congestion. A warm mist from a humidifier can help loosen mucus and clear out the sinuses. Steam therapy can be helpful for treating sinusitis, and it can be used in combination with other therapies.

What is the best water for a facial steamer?

You can use distilled water, filtered water, tap water, and bottled water for steaming. The best solution is distilled water because it leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft after use and people said it is superior for cleaning the bothe the face and the sinuses.

It also doesn’t leave behind any residue.

How to use a steamer for sinuses

We all know that steamers are great for removing wrinkles, smoothing hair, and even curing hangovers. But did you know that they can also help relieve the symptoms of a sinus infection?

When you use a steamer, the steam can actually go into your nostrils. You can use this to help open up your sinuses.

So turn on the steamer and breathe slowly for 5 minutes.

After using a steamer, gently wipe your nose.