If you love to ride a bike, you’re going to want to protect yourself. Most people prefer riding bikes in the city, which means they’re often exposed to theft.

As a bike enthusiast, you’ll want to protect your bike when you’re not riding. But what kind of security system is best?

In this post, we’ll cover the best security system for bike. We’ll also discuss the top things you need to consider when choosing a security system for your bike.

Security systems for bikes. Best sellers

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Top 5 security system for bike

Here’s everything you need to know about the different types of security systems available.

#5. Wsdcam Bike Lock Alarm with Remote

WSDCAM Bike Lock Alarm with Remote Universal Security Alarm Lock System Anti-Theft Vibration Alarm...
  • Bike alarm lock triggered by vibration, deterring thieves effectively by 110dB loud alarm. Suitable for Bikes, Motorcycles, Vehicle, Doors, Windows, Gate, or anything you wish to protect
  • Alarm cable lock made of braided steel and PVC coating, more strong and durable. 0.39 inch cable diameter, 31.49 inch cable length
  • Keyless secure lock with advanced 4-digit combination lock, allowing up to 100,000 possible codes making it nearly impossible to crack. It alarm alerts if inputted wrong password
  • Alarm lock with remote, remote control arm/disarm/vehicle search function, range up to 66ft
  • IP55 waterproof anti theft alarm lock, don’t worry about the alarm on rainy days

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A universal and versatile bike lock alarm alarm system.

This type of alarm is good for people who travel by bike frequently, and want to make sure the bicycle is not stolen.

#4. EBUYFIRE Bike Alarm with Remote

Bike Alarm with Remote USB Rechargeable 115dB Anti-Theft Vibration Motion Bicycle Alarm IPX5...
  • [Loud Bike Alarm & 3 Levels Adjustable Volume] Alarm up to 115dB Loud alarm, scare off potential thieves effectively. Well-made alarm with great performance. It also has a three-level volume adjustment function, so you don't have to worry about the volume being extremely loud or not loud.
  • [SOS Emergency Alarm And IP55 Waterproof ]This bicycle burglar alarm has SOS emergency alarm.It will automatically alarm for calling help when your bicycle tilts more than 45 degrees.IP55 waterproof,very suitable for outdoor use.
  • [ Remote Control ] The bike security alarm control by remote, strong remote range up to 80M/262FT(through walls). Vehicle search function, easy to find your vehicles in parking lot,5 kinds of bells for your choice.
  • [Multi-Purpose Alarm System] Motion sensor bike alarm has great bike anti-theft function. Vibration triggered alarm suitable for Bikes, Electric Bike, Motorcycles,Scooter,Car, Trailer,Luggage,Doors and Windows.
  • [Double Brackets And Easy to Install ] The remote control and alarm bell are equipped with brackets, and the brackets are installed on the bicycle. The bike vibration alarm come with double strap and hand screw,which can be installed by tieing and screw.

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Easy installation. Can be used on a bike, motorcycle, scooter, etc. With remote control, it has a very convenient function.

Get the best protection for your bike, motorcycle, and car, and never worry about theft again!

The EBUYFIRE Bike Alarm is the perfect solution for those who want a more convenient way to secure their vehicle.

#3. HENDUN Bike Alarm

Upgraded Bike Alarm Waterproof with Remote, Vibration Motorcycle Bicycle/Door Burglar Alarm,eBike...
  • SUPER LOUD 113DB - Vibration triggering loud alarm to scare away thieves.Prevent Robbery and Door Prying.
  • ADJUSTABLE SENSITIVITY - High sensitive vibration sensor,7 level from gentle touch to push or beat.Adjustable volume.
  • EASY OPERATION - Control with updated remote(keyfob), searching vehicle and fall for help SOS function. Second remote ASIN B084VTYF51
  • EASY INSTALLATION FIRM AND WATERPROOF - No wiring, no screw,provide super strong adhesive tapes and cable tie for installation.IP55 waterproof design, can use for outdoor.
  • MINI SIZE - 3.7"*1.6"*0.8" exquisite and compact design, easy to hide and install, suitable for bike/car/motorcycle/door/moped anti-theft alarm.

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HENDUN Bike Alarm will prevent bicycle theft on the road and prevent prying thieves from stealing your bike. When the thief opens the lock the alarm will start emitting a powerful sound.

This bike alarm will protect your bicycle when you are not using it and when it is locked in a garage or shed. It is safe, effective and easy to use, and is suitable for all kinds of bicycles, including folding bikes, scooters, etc.

#2. Frienda Anti Theft Bicycle Alarm

Bicycle Alarm with Remote, Anti Theft Wireless Vibration Alarm, 113dB Waterproof Wireless Alarm...
  • The package includes: four wireless vibration alarms and four wireless remote controls, auxiliary installation kit, and manual, alarms 3.7 x 1.6 x 0.8 inch exquisite and compact design, easy to hide and install
  • Waterproof Bicycle Alarm: PC material shell, IP55 waterproof level, can be applied outdoors. We also provide two kinds of installation tools, double-sided sticker, and strap, which can be stably and firmly installed on bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, and other equipment
  • Deterrence and self-help function: 3 level adjustable volume, 96dB, 105 dB to 113dB. Waterproof wireless alarm once triggered, 113dB Loud will be a good deterrence. Anti Theft Bicycle Alarm can make a loud sound to draw people's attention. A loud voice can effectively scare thieves away, and can also be applied as an SOS emergency alarm
  • Good function: 7 levels adjustable sensitivity from gently touch to push or beat, easy to set it as your need, Wireless control by remote, strong wireless range up to 66ft. And vehicle search function, easy to find your vehicles in the parking lot, 3 kinds of bells for your choice
  • Multi-functional alarm: Wireless Vibration Alarm triggered by vibration, Suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, doors, and windows, etc. You can also use it to protect everything you want to protect

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Keep your bike safe and secure with the Frienda Bike Alarm with Remote. With this bicycle alarm, you can protect your bike from being stolen.

A stylish, compact wireless alarm control unit that enables you to monitor the movements of your bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, ATV, boat, and other recreational vehicles.

#1. PADONOW Wireless Remote Bike Alarm

PADONOW Wireless Remote Bike Alarm: 115dB Super Loud Bicycle Vibration Motion Sensor Siren Anti...
  • Powerful Anti-Theft Function: Built-in motion sensor and vibration anti theft alarm system, super loud alarms effectively deter to thieves and protect your vehicle and belongings from being stolen
  • 115db Super Loud 3-Level Adjustable Volume : Built-in high decibel horn, high-pitched siren will deter a thief from stealing your vehicle and scare away thieves. Alarm volume can be justed by remote
  • 3 Levels Adjustable Sensitivity: You can set it to trigger the alarm by a slight touch or actually have to handle the bicycle, which gives you a ability to tailor the alarm to your needs and individual situation
  • USB-C Rechargeable Battery: 400mAh Li-ion ploymer battery is safe and durable, make the alarm well stand by 3 month; it's easy to charge the alarm by usb-c charging cable and any device with usb port
  • Easy and Multipurpose to Use: IPX5 waterproof, vehicle search, panic alarm, remote horn, zip ties and double sided tape make the alarm easily use on bicycle, ebike, scooter, car, trailer, door, window

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This super loud, vibration sensitive, motion activated bicycle alarm will protect your bike when you are not using it.

It features a waterproof design so it works just about anywhere.

The PADONOW Wireless Remote Bike Alarm is a versatile and high performance product that can be used for both indoor and outdoor bikes and motorcycles.

The Best Security System For Bike

Why do you need a bike security system?

Bike theft is an increasing problem all over the world. In the US alone, the number of bike thefts has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. This is why bike security systems are becoming increasingly popular.

So how to protect your bike?

Lock It Up

The first thing we need to do is lock our bikes properly. Many of us are tempted to lock them to the bike rack outside of our apartment building. However, this isn’t the safest option.

The best way to lock your bike securely is to use a U-lock. Most people buy a cheap U-lock for $5-$10 from their local hardware store. And this may not be the best solution. Don’t buy a cheap product because these devices are thinner and easier to cut, opt instead for a solid and robust  U-lock even if this means spending a few extra dollars.

Keep an Eye On Your Bike Whenever It is Possible

Once you have locked your bike up, the next thing you should do is make sure you are watching your bike. While locking it up is a great start, you will still need to keep an eye on it.

When you walk away from your bike, make sure you are checking it regularly to ensure it is still safe.

Invest in a Bike Alarm

These devices will keep the bike safe even when you are not around.

What are the best security bike accessories?

Security bike accessories are an important part of being safe while riding. They help keep your bike secure, protect you from the elements, and even alert you when something is wrong with your bike.

Most of these accessories are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. In fact, some of them can be added to your bike in less than five minutes. Some of these accessories are also portable and can be used on other bikes or scooters.

Here’s a list of the best security bike accessories.

Bicycle lock

The most common and easiest accessory to use is a bicycle lock. These are usually attached to your frame using a special bolt that can be easily removed. These are also commonly found in pairs so that you can lock both wheels.

Chain lock

Chain locks are another common type of security accessory. They come in different lengths and configurations and usually work by locking onto the chain of your bike. This allows you to lock your bike without having to remove your wheel.

Anti-theft device

Anti-theft devices can help you protect your bike and prevent thieves from stealing your bike. They can be installed on your frame, your saddle, and even your handlebars.

Top Security System For Bikes

What is the best bike security lock?

Kryptonite Kryptolok Standard is one of the best rated security locks.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Standard Bike U-Lock with Cable, Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Bicycle U Lock, 12.7mm...
  • 12.7mm Hardended Performance Steel Shackle Resists Hand Tools, Bolt Cutters, and Leverage Attacks; 10mm Steel Looped Cable For Additional Security
  • Interior Locking Dimensions; 4" x 9" Cable Length; 4"
  • Key Safe Program; Kryptonite will ship your first 2 keys for free, globally, in the event you lose them.
  • Anti-Theft Protection Offer; Up to $1,750 Reimbursement
  • Secure Mounting Bracket; Includes versatile Flexframe-U Bracket, allowing you to carry your bike lock during transportation

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It is the best security bike lock for your bike! You should consider using it if you travel often and you need a very secure way to lock your bike

Is there a bike alarm that calls your phone?

There is a new product on the market called THE CRICKET. This is a silent alarm that notifies you on the phone if someone touches your bike and plus it shows where your bike is.

In case that the bike gets stolen the app alerts the cricket users from that area.

See details on Youtube