What is the best jump starter for motorcycles? Read this article and find out. Here you will find the top 5 best jump starters for motorcycles, what are the advantages of these gadgets and what to pay attention to when buying one.

Portable jump starters are handy for those times when you need to start your motorcycle in the middle of nowhere. 

A jump start kit is a simple solution to helping your motorcycle start.

Jump Starter for Motorcycles. Best sellers

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Top 5 best jump starter for motorcycles

There are plenty of jump starter kits available for motorcycles, but not all of them are worth your time and money.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a motorcycle jump starter, including price, weight, safety features, size, and battery life.

But regardless of the type of motorcycle you ride, a jump starter can be a useful tool for charging batteries and jump-starting a dead engine.

So whether you have a motorcycle or other vehicles, check out these jump starters below.

5. Schumacher SJ1329 Jump Starter and Portable Power Port

Schumacher SJ1329 Jump Starter and Portable Power Port - 600 Peak Amp, 12V - For Power Sports,...
  • RELIABLE POWER: Delivers up to 600 peak Amps for jump starting V6 engines; compatible with 12V batteries
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Sealed acid-lead AGM battery provides long life and more charge cycles
  • EASY TO USE: LED light indicators display charge status and simple button controls offer ease of use; external light for visibility; eco-energy swivel plug for charging internal battery
  • FAST CHARGING: USB port delivers fast charging for mobile devices, mp3 players, tablets, and more; 12V power port charges or powers any 12V device
  • SAFE & RELIABLE: Spark-resistant clamps and hook-up safeguard alarm that sounds if clamps are improperly connected

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The SCHUMACHER SJ1329 Jump Starter is one of the most reliable jump starters available.

It’s the easiest way to get your motorcycle started when it’s cold outside. You’re sure to enjoy the added power provided by this Schumacher SJ1329 Jump Starter and Portable Power Port. Delivers up to 600 peak amps for jump starting most V6 engines.

Whether you’re riding solo or with your friends, this jump starter is a reliable power source that will keep you connected on your adventure.

Jump starters are designed to get your motor running fast and easy! If your bike battery runs down and the nearest house or garage is miles away, then a jump starter is your ticket to ride.

#4. OzCharge RescueMate 12-Volt Super Capacitor Jump Starter – 1000 Amp

OzCharge RescueMate 12-Volt Super Capacitor Jump Starter – 1000 Amp
  • Maintenance Free Super Capacitors: Never needs regular charging like Lithium, Lead Acid or AGM Jump Starters.
  • Store in your vehicle for a year, 5 years or more, never charging it and RescueMate Ultracapacitors will start your engine over & over, 1000’s of times.
  • SUPER SAFE: Reverse polarity protected and No Fire Hazards like Lithium Batteries. Stores and operates at higher temps than lithium (lithium doesn’t like heat) plus works in much colder temps than lithium; much colder! -40F to +149F (-40 to +65C).
  • 12 Volt – 1000 Amps for 10 Liter Gas, 5 Liter Diesel, 350 HP 4 Stroke Outboards, 250HP 2 Stroke Outboards, all motorcycles, ATVs and snow mobiles.
  • 3 Year Warranty with a product life of 10 years or more (~3 year life for typical Lithium).

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This 1000 Amp SuperCap is compatible with all vehicles with 12-Volt battery systems. The 1000 Amp capacity means that you won’t have to worry about the jump start time, so you can get right back on the road without the hassle of multiple jumps.

OzCharge UltraCaps are the perfect solution for jump starters that are designed for long term storage, extreme cold temperatures, and high temperature performance.

#3. Schumacher SL1316 Lithium Ion Jump Starter and Portable Power Pack

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The SCHUMACHER Lithium Ion Jump Starter and Portable Power Pack can jumpstart any motorcycle. From Yamaha to Kawasaki, Harley Davidson to Suzuki, this jumper box has the power to start even the largest motorcycles.

It is designed for motorcycles, trucks and other 4 to 8 cylinders gas or diesel vehicles, ideal for 8.0 L gas or 6.0 L diesel engine vehicles, 4 to 8 cylinders.

#2. YESPER YJS20 Jump Starter

YESPER Battery Jump Starter Protable, 2160A Booster Pack Jump Box for 12V Car (Up to 9.0L Gas/7.0L...
  • 【 BOOSTER BATTERY JUMP STARTER】- Rated at REAL 2160-amps, the YJS20 can safely jump start all 12V vehicles(up to 9L gasoline and 7L diesel engines). It can achieve 50 times jump-start on a single charge, and works even in extreme climate -4~140℉. Even if the car battery voltage is too low or dead, pressing the “BOOST” button will force the car to restart.
  • 【 ACCURATE BATTERY CAPACITY 】 We do not exaggerate the battery capacity of our product. Our YJS40 jump starter has a true capacity of 16000mAh
  • 【 VERSATILE CHARGING OPTIONS 】Jump pack built-in USB(5V/2.4A), USB QC(5/9/12V) and Type-C(5V/3A) in/output ports. and a DC(15V/10A) port to power any DC devices, like tire inflator, car vacuum cleaner, car refrigerator etc
  • 【LED FLASHLIGHT】The LED work light has 3 modes: Flash Light, Strobe Light, and SOS Light. This multi-purpose flashlight is great for camping, outdoors, indoors, travel, etc that help you in the dark or in emergencies
  • 【Advanced Design】 - The new YJS series jump starters are made of fire-proof ABS material, which is more sturdy and durable for adventurous life, and have multi-function (rain, dust and drop resistance)

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Yesper YJS20 Jump Starter for Motorcycle is the newest portable jump starter and booster pack for most 12V vehicles(up to 9.0L gas/7.0L diesel engine) for daily use.

This portable, high power jump starter designed specifically for motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and other smaller vehicles.

It provides enough power to start a motorcycle, but also offers enough energy to power a laptop or tablet.

#1. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Box

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter, 12V Battery Pack, Battery Booster,...
  • Start Dead Batteries - Safely jump start a dead battery in seconds with this compact, yet powerful, 1000-amp lithium battery jump starter - up to 20 jump starts on a single charge - and rated for gasoline engines up to 6.0-liters and diesel engines up to 3.0-liters.
  • UltraSafe - Safe and easy-to-use car jumper starter and jump pack without worrying about incorrect connections or sparks. Safely connect to any 12-volt vehicle with our mistake-proof design featuring spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection.
  • Multi-Function - It's a car jump starter, portable power bank, and LED flashlight. Recharge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices. It's easily rechargeable from any powered USB port in 3-hours at 2.1-amps. Plus, an integrated 100-lumen LED flashlight with seven light modes, including emergency strobe and SOS.
  • Advanced Design - Our most advanced car battery charger jump starter ever. Featuring high-discharge lithium technology for safe operation in any climate. A rugged and water-resistant enclosure rated at IP65. A rubberized over-molded casing to prevent scratching or marring of surfaces. And an ultra-compact and lightweight design weighing just 2.4 pounds.
  • In The Box - GB40 UltraSafe Portable Car Jump Starter, Heavy Duty Booster Clamps, 12-Volt Car Charger, Micro USB Charging Cable, Microfiber Storage Bag, User Guide, 1-Year Warranty, and Designed in the USA.

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When you need a safe and reliable source of power in a hurry, nothing beats the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Box for Motorcycle. It’s designed to safely jump start a dead battery in seconds.

It’s a car and motorcycle jump starter, portable power bank, and LED flashlight. Recharge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices.

So you’re never left in the dark again – even when your car battery dies.

Top Best Jump Starter For Motorcycles

Portable jump starters for motorcycles

There are many different types of jump starters for motorcycles. Most of them are very similar in their basic functionality and work by creating a powerful source of electricity that powers the motorcycle battery when it runs low.

This is especially important when the bike is parked for long periods of time, such as overnight or while you’re riding in the rain. A working motorcycle battery is critical to being able to start the motorcycle when you need to.

Most people are aware of the benefits of jump starters, but it’s still important to understand that there are different types of jump starters. This article focuses on jump starters for motorcycles, but most of these principles can be applied to other types of vehicles as well.

Motorcycle jump starter advantages


They are typically smaller and lighter than the traditional type, making them easy to carry in the trunk or under the passenger seat.

Easy to use 

Most of the newer models come with a push button or touch screen display that allow you to select your power settings quickly. Some models even have a battery status indicator.


Jump starters are typically made from heavy duty materials that are able to handle extreme conditions. They also tend to come with an extended warranty and are backed by the manufacturer.


Jump starters are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. In addition to being able to withstand extreme temperatures, jump starters can last for years.


With a rechargeable jump starter, you can charge it over and over again without running out of juice. This makes it ideal for camping trips and tailgating.


As long as you follow the safety instructions, jump starters are considered safe to use. Some of them have features that help keep them away from children and pets.

It’ll help your motorcycle start in cold weather conditions

Many motorcycles don’t perform well in cold weather. Jump starts are an easy solution to this problem. A quality jump start kit will help your bike start even in low temperatures.

It’ll allow you to get your motorcycle started if it’s dead. It’ll help you get your motorcycle started when you’re away from home.

You won’t be able to jump start it when you’re miles away from home and if the battery is dead. A jump start kit solves this problem. It’ll get your motorcycle started when you’re miles away from home.

Best Portable Jump Starter For Motorcycles

Questions to ask yourself before buying a motorcycle jump starter

To make sure you buy a jump starter that has everything that you need, consider the following questions:

Do you need a battery charger?

Is the product waterproof?

Are there any additional accessories included?

Is there a guarantee?

Are there any discounts available?

Are there any special deals?

Are there any coupons?

Can you get a refund if I don’t like the product?

In conclusion

Whether you are in need of a quick boost or your battery has died, a compact and powerful jump starter is sure to have your bike running again.

Your motorcycle jump starter needs to be small, portable and easy to use.

They can jump start a car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, RV, and any other vehicle or piece of machinery that uses a 12v battery.

To get the job done right, you need to use the right tools. A jump starter can be your best friend or worst nightmare, depending on how you use it. A good jump starter will keep you in the game, and it will not let you down.