If you’re considering living in your van or RV then you’re probably looking for a new kitchen. That’s why today we’re talking about the best fridge for vanlife.

The best way to eat in your van is to prepare food ahead of time and store it in the fridge.

The only problem with that is, what’s the best way to keep your food fresh? We found some of the best fridges for vanlife.

Fridge for vanlife. Best sellers

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Top 5 vanlife fridges

#5. BougeRV Portable Freezer and Fridge

BougeRV 12 Volt Car Refrigerator Dual Zone, Portable Freezer Fridge APP Control E55(59QT)-no...
  • 【REAL DUAL ZONE】This 12v portable refrigerator has two compartments that you can control temp respectively. It can be both a refrigerator and a freezer at the same time but it can also be a fridge/fridge, fridge/freezer, or freezer/freezer so you can cool drinks and freeze meat at the same time.
  • 【APP CONTROL】You can control the temps, set the mode, and turn on/off this dual zone car refrigerator all from your phone, conveniently and precisely. You can check the temps and the status of the unit any time you need it. You can control the left or right compartment separately for different needs. The temperature of both two compartments ranges from -4℉ to 68℉.
  • 【NO ICE NEEDED】You don't have to buy ice cubes to store frozen meat when you go out for trips or grocery shopping with this portable freezer. You can take your favorite fruit and ice cream with you. You can keep the food fresh, and make cold beers. No ice cubes melting, no water mess, no food spoiled. Save your time and money.
  • 【VERSATILE CAR FRIDGE】Fast cooling down to 32℉, 3-level voltage car battery protection, ECO(45W)/MAX(60W) cooling mode, LED lighting, 45dB low noise, USB for charging electronic equipment, chopping board for cutting food.
  • 【WARRANTY&SERVICE】BougeRV guarantees you a 2-year warranty for the compressor and all other accessories. If you have any questions, please reach out to BougeRV, we provide ONE-ON-ONE friendly customer service. (Package included: chopping board, dc power cord, ac power cord, and user manual).

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The BOUGERV is ready to go at your campsite, in your RV, in your car or on your boat, wherever your adventure takes you.

An innovative design with dual zone allows you to keep items separated by temperature. The freezer is perfect for ice, beverages and meats.

#4. ARB Element 63Qts Fridge/Freezer

ARB Element 63Qts Fridge/Freezer 10810602 (ARB Elements Weatherproof 63 Quart Fridge)
  • Weatherproof control panel, Main body and lid constructed from 304 grade stainless steel with raised feature forming and embossed ARB logos on both sides of the cabinet, Tamperproof bolts for permanent mount options and added security
  • Strong ASA protective corner pieces on main body and lid, Recessed rear remote monitor transmitter positioned to be protected from the weather
  • Unique infinite position gas strut – will hold lid open in any position, Heavy duty tamperproof cast stainless steel hinges (non-removable lid)
  • Evaporator height increased which also surrounds both primary and secondary compartments (no longer a dairy section), Increased fridge cabinet insulation thickness
  • 4-digit pin code protected electronic locking system, Locked/unlocked warning, Dimmable display, DC voltage supply readout

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The ARB Element 63Qts is the perfect fridge for people on the road, or anyone who wants to leave their kitchen behind. This compact model will fit perfectly in your car, and is perfect for storing all your food, and beverages.

A solid structure coupled with exceptional technology makes the Element 63Qts the perfect choice for the RV lifestyle.

#3. ICECO GO20 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator

ICECO GO20 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator with SECOP Compressor, 20 Liter/21 Quart, DC 12/24V, AC...
  • ※【High Quality】Cooling ranges from 0°F to 50°F (-18℃-10℃). SECOP Compressor has fast cooling mode, using limited power to maximize the cooling effect. Anti-bump compressor makes it possible to work stably even under 40°
  • ※【Flexible Dual-zone Design】Automatic switching between single and dual zone mode by removing detachable partition, providing 2 separate zones for refrigeration and freezing with 2 independent digital controller.
  • ※【Home & Car Use】Each refrigerator is equipped with a 2.5m cigarette lighter and an adapter. It can be used at home(110/240V) and cars(12V/24V). APP control. Downsize to 1/3 the size of a traditional cooler with no ice needed.
  • ※【Certification & Awards】Winner of German Red Dot Design Award & IDEA International Design Excellence Award; ETL Certificate.
  • ※【Warranty & Service】 5 Years warranty on the compressor and 1 Year warranty on accessories. Local after-sales telephone service is available and your Amazon messages will be answered within 24 hours even on weekends.

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A compact refrigerator and freezer for camping and other outdoor activities.

This portable refrigerator offers two distinct zones for freezing and cooling, allowing you to enjoy cold foods and beverages at their freshest.

#2. ICECO VL75 ProD Portable Refrigerator

ICECO VL75 ProD Portable Refrigerator, Multi-directional Lid, Dual USB & DC 12/24V, AC 110-240V, 75L...
  • 【Multi-opening Lid Design】 You can change the opening direction of the lid without assembly. Access to cold storage can become very easy even in the tight space inside a traveling vehicle.
  • 【Convenient Plugs】 12/24V DC ports are installed on both sides of the fridge. 2 USB outlets designed for charging mobile devices (Only available under DC Power). Built-in AC transformer allows you to pre-cool the fridge from your home socket 110-240V.
  • 【Humanized Design】 Designed with drain hole, waterproof baffle, LED lights and removable handles. The package also comes with removable basket, replacement handles, corner protectors and drain plugs.
  • 【SECOP Compressor】 Cooling range from 0°F to 50°F(-18℃~10℃) to meet all your freezing or refrigeration need. MAX mode for fast cooling and ECO mode for energy saving. Top tier technology makes it possible to work stably even under 40° tilt.
  • 【Warranty & Services】 5 Year warranty on the compressor and 1 Year warranty on all other parts. Local after-sales & Telephone service. Your messages will be answered within 24 hours including on weekends.

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With an easy-to-use door locking mechanism, this handy refrigerator makes it easy to store and keep your foods and beverages cool and fresh.

The ICECO VL75 ProD is the perfect size for an efficient kitchen when camping.

#1. ARB 10802362 ZERO Portable Fridge Freezer

ARB 10802362 Smart Portable Refrigerator Freezer Single Zone 38QT ZERO, App for Phone, 12V/110V For...
  • ABOUT ARB 10802362: The ARB ZERO single zone portable fridge/freezer range is available in popular 38 QT ideal for mounting in your vehicle, camper trailer or caravan. The fridge/freezer features front and rear DC inlets which give the user more freedom when mounting the fridge in the car or camper. For extra convenience, the portable fridges also feature a front AC inlet for home or powered-site connection and a handy USB 5V outlet to charge your USB powered devices.
  • INTRODUCING ZERO SERIES: The latest addition to ARB Fridge range is jam-packed with unique features to make your outdoor experience as carefree as possible. A must have for anyone in need of a premium cooling product.
  • EXTERIOR AND CASE COMPARTMENTS: Quick-release lid with non-slip glass/bottle provision, easy view LED display, highly efficient variable speed compressor, Dual DC power inlet at opposite ends for customized installations, Wireless monitoring & control, recessed carry handles with integrated tie-down points.
  • INTERIOR COMPONENTS: ANTI-CONDENSATION TECHNOLOGY: Anti-condensation technology / INTERNAL BASKET SYSTEM: Versatile, removable internal basket system with provision for tall items/bottles / DRAIN PLUG: Convenient drain plug for simple cleaning / LED INTERIOR LIGHT: Low power draw LED interior light.
  • WIRELESS - Monitoring and Control: Control ARB ZERO portable fridge freezer wirelessly via your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device by downloading the free app using the app store. The Zero Connect app allows monitoring operating status

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This ARB Portable Fridge Freezer is designed specifically for use as a fridge/freezer and is suitable for use in motorhomes and other vehicles including RVs, boats, SUVs and trucks.

top fridges for van life

How to choose a Fridge For Vanlife

Fridge Size Matters

I’ve found that the most important part of buying a fridge for vanlife is ensuring that it’s big enough for the amount of food you’ll be eating. Most vans have a standard fridge size of around 22-24″x26-28″x22-24″.

This size works perfectly for most families, but if you want to fit a whole bunch of food in there, you’ll need a larger fridge.

Icebox vs. Freezer

Vanlifers tend to use either an icebox or a freezer to store their food.

Iceboxes are much cheaper and work fine for storing food, but they don’t keep things very cold. The best way to keep your food cold is to use a freezer.

Freezers are much more expensive, but they keep food cold for longer periods of time.

Best brand for fridge

Here are the best brands I’ve come across:

  1. Samsung
  2. Whirlpool
  3. Frigidaire
  4. LG
  5. GE
best fridge for van life (1)

The Best Refrigerators to Buy for Vanlife

The best refrigerators for vanlife are the ones that have all the features listed above, and they also work well in a van.

I recommend going with the best brand possible to ensure that it’s built to last.