A worldwide survey done by Deloitte in 2019 suggests that 25% of the participant businesses have introduced cognitive technologies into the mainframe of operations. These technologies include machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI). The same survey results depict that 41% of the businesses are utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in an extensive way in all the related platforms. 87% are planning or have adopted one or more transformative technology such as AI, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, cloud-based system, etc.

This survey shows how important AI and other transformative technologies have become for business. The availability of AI-related sources for all kinds of businesses has made it possible for small, medium or large scale ventures to incorporate them and gain more benefits. AI is ragingly becoming a popular medium to inculcate automation and make processes easier for the business to handle.

Great examples in this context

The global brands like Amazon, Netflix, Google, etc have introduced the power of AI into their systems and making remarkable progress. Even a local business can also thrive using the exclusive benefits of an AI platform imparts. AI used deeply infused in the modern-day online marketing needs creating a unique way for the brands to enhance lead generation, lead conversion, customer retention, employee satisfaction, etc.

The main motive to incorporate AI in the operational system of a business is to market a brand appropriately and generate sales. Here is the list of intelligent ways how Australian marketers are harnessing and utilizing the power of AI in their businesses.

1. Enhanced PPC advertising benefits

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is a unique way to aggressively enter the market by promoting your products online on popular domains. Using AI will definitely aid your purpose.

Previously, PPC ad campaigns were managed by the in-house team or an outsourced agency. The manual hunting of ad-displaying platforms compatible with the requirements of business was a stringent job. Moreover, the results were not that impressive as it missed one crucial point. There were limited ways to recognize the demography of the users of that platform.

With the advent of Google, Facebook, and other social media platform, it can now be availed. These global social media platforms use AI-powered systems to optimize the ad-delivery portals. In fact, this approach can be specifically used or omni-channel campaigning as well.

AI-driven PPC systems can easily find out the best portals where a business-specific campaign can be held. For instance, Albert is a similar marketing platform that provides a unique service for autonomous buying. A little labor along with the immense AI analysis, management, and optimization of ad campaigns can do miracles for a business. For large scale campaigns, using a machine learning and AI platform will deliver excellent efficiency in optimizing layout, creating content, targeting specific leads, and bidding for advertisement spaces.

2. Framing a unique website experience for better conversion rate

Another effective way to use AI is by designing a unique website experience by studying the visitor’s online behavior. Personalizing user experience will provide an extra edge in the competition as the bounce rate will reduce due to the escalation of satisfaction.

The algorithms are used in the following ways.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications will deliver personalized behavior from the online portal to every individual visitor. Receiving the right and relevant message with perfect timing will automatically increase the level of satisfaction from navigating the user interface.

  • Website Experience

It is now possible to analyze multiple data points regarding a single user such as device, location, demography, interactions, online behavior, etc. On proper analysis within a short span of time, the AI platform will deliver befitting content and offers for the individual visitor. Seeing relevant content via business intelligence will automatically escalate user experience and retention rate. Thus, the business will be benefited with more time to convert a lead into a loyal customer.

Evergage conducted a Real-time Personalization Survey in 2017 and generated a report that suggests a lion’s share of 33% of surveyed marketers use AI driven platform for a personalized experience. 61% noted an impressive improvement in customer experience. 63% of the subjects stated escalation in the conversion rate of leads.

Image Source: http://www.evergage.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/2016-Trends-in-Personalization-Survey-Report-Evergage-final.pdf

3. Content creation

Content is and always will be the king. Despite the immense development in AI-driven content creation, natural language will be preferred. Although, the leading marketers of Australia suggest that over 20% of the entire business content will be handled by machines by the end of this decade.

In the current scenario, machines are capable of creating content with simpler and basic rule sets in the following spheres.

  • Recaps in sports games
  • Real-time insights of stock markets
  • Easy hotel descriptions
  • Quarterly report generation in businesses
  • Profit and loss statements and summaries

The content creation for personalized mails and other promotional methods are based on the formats and rules set by the developers of the platform. This serves the objective of targeting customers and leads individually. One of the most promising names in this aspect is Rocco. It can suggest fresh content for social media that an audience with a particular set of demographic features will find interesting.

4. Chat bots

Most of the websites are incorporating chatbot applications so that any user can find the answers to their basic queries anytime. The websites are running 24/7 catering to the needs of a target audience. Providing round the clock customer support can be overwhelming for many businesses. This is where the chatbots enter as a resourceful option.

Any domain can find the use of chatbots. From healthcare to fashion domains, insurance to the beauty industry, the platform can be customized and used to deliver a non-stop customer support system. Personalized content can be created easily using the pattern detection techniques of algorithms. It is a perfect communication channel that can serve as borderline support for customers.

Chatbots are capable of accessing thousands of customer-centric data points. They can also detect patterns, as well as, identify repetitive problems and the causes behind them. Conducting easy questionnaires for the users, a chatbot application can work as a representative of the online business platform.

5. Email content

As mentioned earlier, personalized email content works like a charm. Demand Metric conducted a study in 2016 and found that more than 80% of the participating marketers were benefited by personalized email content creation.

Image source: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/253739/DemandMetric_Content_Personalization_Benchmark_Study_Report_Final.pdf?t=1476185057935

Algorithms are capable of mapping website experience of a subscriber. They can also link browsing data of emails in order to identify the level of interaction with business content of an individual customer. Creating individual content for customers becomes easier by using these AI-driven platforms. A dynamic email content is compiled considering the following data-mining grounds.

  • website interaction
  • articles and blog read by the leads and customers
  • time span a visitor spent on a website page
  • favorite content
  • wish list
  • Interactions with emails from different brands
  • Interest of other visitors with similar preferences

When you are deciding to include an AI tool, check whether it has inbuilt learning features or not.

6. Customer behavior predictions

Apart from personalizing user experience based on past behavior data, AI tools can also be programmed to predict the behavior of existing and new users. AI can collect data from other users from different platforms with similar objectives. It means that 2nd and 3rd party data can now be accessed and analyzed to predict customer behavior. Automatic personalization of the business propositions as per the needs will also aid the business to concentrate more on the potential leads and avoid those who cannot be converted. Analyzing and predicting customer journeys have become more accurate and efficient. Hence, this platform can also forecast sales and calculate ROI.

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google has introduced Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) service which uses AI to create a low-volume version of web pages in order to improve load time for websites. The majority of the internet search is done via smart phones. A user waits less than 5 seconds to wait for the website loading content. This means Google will rank those websites which have incorporated AMP format to load website content in smart phones faster than traditional methods. Increasing page ranking will automatically take your business website on the top of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Image Source: https://dev.to/ben/i-have-beef-with-accelerated-mobile-pages-kpo

Using this feature in your website architecture will reduce page loading time. The users will also find it satisfying and the bounce rate will reduce to a minimum. Google and other search engines also prefer websites with low bounce rate.


AI will become a part and parcel of online businesses within a few years. The potential AI-driven platform will deliver expected outputs with more efficiency. A business will be able to target an audience by studying and creating user-specific content. These seven ways will drastically transform a business platform and its operational strategies. This is how intelligent marketers in Australia are making a huge difference in a competitive market.

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