We all have a piece of leather furniture in our home. It’s not only beautiful and valuable, but also very useful. Unfortunately, leather furniture is easy to damage.

To clean leather furniture, you need a special type of cleaner. This article will tell you which one is the best leather cleaner for couches.

Leather cleaner for couches and sofas. Best sellers

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Top 5 leather cleaners for couches

Most people don’t know how to clean their leather furniture. But it doesn’t have to be a messy, time-consuming ordeal. There are some really great leather cleaners that make the job easy. Have a look at these top rated cleaners and choose the best for your needs.

#5. Best spray for leather couches: Zep Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Zep Leather Cleaner and Conditioner 24 ounce ZUCLC24
  • Size : 24 Oz
  • Prevents drying and cracking
  • Cleans and conditions natural leather in one step
  • Contains moisturizers to soften and lengthen the life of leather
  • Replaces leather's natural oils and leaves leather looking and smelling great

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The Zep Leather Cleaner and Conditioner 24 oz is a versatile leather cleaner, wax and polish, that effectively eliminates the harmful oils and grease that build up on leather furniture.

It’s easy to use and cleans quickly, leaving leather leather soft and supple.

#4. Best odor removal for leather: Griot’s Garage 10971 Odor Neutralizing Leather Cleaner

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If you love your leather furniture, but find it difficult to keep it smelling fresh and clean, then Griot’s Garage’s leather cleaner is for you.

Griot’s Garage 10971 Odor Neutralizing Leather Cleaner is specially formulated to neutralize odors on leather surfaces. With this great leather cleaner, you can keep your leather couch smelling fresh and smelling good for years to come.

#3. Best leather cleaner for stains: Lexol Trigger Spray Cleaner and Conditioner Kit

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The Lexol Trigger Spray Cleaner & Conditioner Kit is an effective, convenient way to clean and condition leather furniture.

The new Lexol Trigger Spray Cleaner and Conditioner Kit will help restore the original leather appearance of your furniture, protecting it from fading, cracking, and scratching.

Great for removing stains such as coffee, wine, beer, mud and many more.

#2. Best Leather Surfaces Restorer: Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner - 22 Ounce (2 Pack) - Restores Leather Surfaces - Ultra...
  • BRING YOUR LEATHER BACK TO LIFE: Safely remove dirt, soil & residue to soften, strengthen & moisturize neglected leather.
  • EASY TO USE FORMULA: Our multi-action formula conditions & protects in one simple step to maintain and restore any finished leather surface
  • MULTIPLE USES: Use regularly on accessories such as leather, purses, shoes, boots, briefcases & handbags. Condition leather sofas, couches, and chairs to restore their beauty and suppleness.
  • UVX PROTECTION: Weiman Leather Conditioner contains UVX-15 sunscreen which protects all types of leather from sun damage, fading, drying & cracking
  • CARE FOR YOUR AUTO INTERIOR: Perfect for cleaning, protecting, and restoring your car, SUV, truck, motorcycle or Jeep seats and interior.

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Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is a multipurpose solution for protecting and restoring leather surfaces. It is a multi purpose cleaner that restores leather surfaces.

It provides protection and eliminates fading by preventing leather from absorbing dirt and discoloring.

#1. Best leather cleaner and conditioner for couches: Leather Honey Complete Leather Care Kit

Leather Honey Complete Leather Care Kit: Cleaner, Conditioner, 2 Cloths. Non-Toxic Leather Care Made...
  • Powerful Leather Conditioner: Leather Honey penetrates deep to protect new leather and rejuvenate dry leather and old leather. This non-toxic leather conditioner has no silicone, solvents or animal products
  • Non-toxic, Gentle Cleaner: Our proven, rejuvenating formula is a powerful, fragrance-free cleaner ideal for all your leather goods. EAP Safer Choice certified.
  • Restore All Types of Leather: Clean & Condition leather furniture, car seats, shoes & belts. Great for all colors of leather, including white. Use on leather upholstery, boots, purses, saddles & tack. Not for use on suede
  • Safe for You, Safe for Leather: Made with non-toxic, high-quality ingredients that make your leather last longer. Free of PFAS forever chemicals and safe for people, pets & your leather
  • American Made Since 1968: Our premium leather care formulas have had a cult following among leather experts, retailers and high-end car and furniture makers and enthusiasts for over 50 years.

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A complete set of the tools you need to keep your leather looking great.

The Leather Honey Complete Leather Care Kit is designed specifically for the care and maintenance of leather goods, including couches, handbags, wallets, shoes, furniture, and automobiles.

This handy leather care kit will help you keep your leather furniture looking like new.

The Best Leather Cleaner For Couches

How to clean a leather couch

There are lots of reasons why you might want to clean a leather couch. Maybe you want to keep it looking new for your guests, or maybe you just want to protect it from getting stains. Whatever the reason, cleaning a leather couch is easy and affordable.

To clean a leather couch, you’ll need two things: a leather cleaner and a vacuum.

Use the instructions from your cleaner to clean the surface you want. If there aren’t any use these general rules:

Put on gloves. Leather cleaner is very strong, so it’s important to protect your skin.

Apply leather cleaner directly to the leather surface. It’s a good idea to do a test patch first to ensure that it won’t stain or damage the couch fabric.

Let the leather sit for about 10 minutes.

Vacuum the area.

What is the best leather cleaner for white leather?

White leather is the most popular material for shoes and bags, but it can also be hard to clean. It has a matte finish and often attracts dirt, dust and stains easily. But how do you clean it without leaving behind an oily residue?

The answer is by using a leather cleaner with a very fine grain. The Apple Brand Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Kit is considered to be the best leather cleaner for white leather.

Apple Brand Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Kit - for Use On Leather Purses, Handbags, Shoes, Boots &...
  • KEEPS LEATHER LIKE NEW: Cleans and conditions all types of leather, including luxury leathers like vachetta and all varieties of exotics. Regular use will keep your bags and shoes free of dust, dirt, and stains. Our conditioner replenishes the natural oils found in leather and prevents drying, cracking, scratching, and splitting. Not for use on suede & nubuck leathers.
  • SAFE FOR ALL COLORS: Our leather care products do not darken or alter the color of leather, allowing for safe use across all your leather goods! You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the shade of your leather to keep it in good shape and with Apple Brand products you don’t have to!
  • TRUSTED BY THE PROFESSIONALS: Apple Brand has been recommended time and time again by some of the biggest names in fashion. If you have high end leather to clean and condition, Apple Brand is the trusted choice.
  • USE WITH APPLE BRAND GARDE: While our conditioning cream helps protect your leather, our Apple Brand Garde gives your leather heavy duty protection against dirt, water, and stains of all types! Find it on Amazon with all of our other Apple Brand products!
  • MADE IN USA - SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are proud to keep all of our manufacturing and customer service in the USA and stand behind all of our products 100%. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order please let us know and we will be sure to make it right!

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Top Leather Cleaners For Couches

How to provide leather care for couches

So what should you do to keep your leather couch looking good for years to come? Here’s our complete leather couch care guide.

STEP 1: Wipe It Down

Wiping down your couch with a damp cloth will remove dust and dirt.

If you have a stain, gently blot it dry using a clean paper towel.

STEP 2: Clean Your Leather Couch

Once you’ve wiped down your couch and removed any dirt, use a soft brush or sponge to clean it.

You should only use soap or a commercial leather cleaner on leather.

STEP 3: Treat the Fabric

Leather couches have a fabric covering which can get dirty over time.

To remove stains, treat the fabric using a commercial leather cleaner.

STEP 4: Clean Your Furniture

Once you’ve treated the fabric, vacuum up all the loose fibers.

STEP 5: Protect Your Leather Couch

It’s important to protect your leather couch from UV rays.

Use a leather protector every 6 months.

What is the best leather cleaner for sofas?

If you are looking for the best leather cleaner for sofas you should take a look at the products included in our top. These highly rated products work amazing at claiming a leather sofa.

A leather cleaner is specially made to clean your leather sofa. It contains essential oils and enzymes that remove dirt, grease and oil from your sofa and leave it feeling soft and clean.