Zmartframe. The smart way of tranforming you old monitor into a touch screen

One of the new and innovative devices which will be launched on the market for pc enthusiasts is the Zmartframe. Zmartframe is the worlds’ first Android overlay frame which attaches to a pc monitor and transform it into a is multi touch screen . This is one of the most interesting characteristics of the Zmartframe. If you consider the all inone PC or touch screens cool, then this innovation is for you. Inventors require the public help for mass production and support. This is one of the things that individuals can use to support the Zmartrame.For this gadget it was started a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo.


Image source Indiegogo

The innovative thing about the Zmart product is that it can transform old monitors into new touch friendly main units. This serves the purpose of eliminating ewaste and ewaste disposal. As many people know, ewaste and computer monitor waste frequently end up on the shores of 3rd world countries. Ridding of the world of ewaste should be the goal of new computer devices.

Touch technology is one of the main mechanisms for interactive computer systems even in the basic systems like smartphones for instance. In order to get interactive computers at home individuals may need to replace their old computers with new interactive technology. This is simply one of the things you can get from using the Zmart frame. The developers have embedded Android touch PC which enables users to take advantage of millions of apps on the monitor screen.

Another applicaton of Zmartfrmae is that is designed to work wit both Windows and the Android platform. In the windows mode it works with Windows XP 7/8 and enable old non touch monitors with multi touch functionality. Android systems are embedded inside the Zmartframe. Under the Android platform the main unit as mentioned, will take over 99 percent of computer functions.

The Zmartframe will transform you old monitor into an all-in-one Android touch PC. To learn more about this new gadget watch the video posted below.

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