Your Mobile Phone Spy App; The Perfect Solution To A Few Problems Of Yours

The use of a mobile phone spy has certainly increased throughout the world. It’s not that there is any kind of problem or anything but because things have slowly started to get out of hand. Let’s start from your home; you have kids whom you would want to keep an eye on. What they use their mobile for is a pretty important thing and it’s important that you know who they are talking to and what kind of activities they are involved in.


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The Problems:

Kids are easily shaped and manipulated by their surroundings and the people they interact with and hang out with on a daily basis. They may easily fall into wrong company and they might even take up wrong habits and get involved in drugs, alcohol, and other evils. It becomes indispensable for parents to give them time, talk to them, and most importantly keep an eye on the things they do.

Likewise businesses need to keep an eye on their employee’s mobile usage as finding out how much time is being wasted on futile activities. Employees spend a lot of time on their cell phones texting away, using social media, playing games, and that needs to be controlled and monitored.

A Solution:

For all these problems ranging from home to the office there is a very simple solution; it’s called StealthGenie and it is a complete monitoring solution that works on Android devices (including tablets and phones), iOS devices (iPad, iPad mini, and the iPhone of course), and on BlackBerry phones.

Services provided:

Amongst the services provided by this app, you get to view all the phone call records, contact details, SMS messages records, WhatsApp communications, E-mail messages and other cell phone data of your target user. ‘Live surroundings’ is one such amazing feature of this app that helps you record all the sounds that surround the cell phone of your target user, with utmost ease.

Keeping Track:

That said you can monitor people without them knowing it (of course you will have to tell your employees though) and with that you can use it to monitor all the activities of the targeted device including tracking capabilities! That way you can keep track of people as well, where they go and everything like that. It certainly is a mobile phone spy that needs to be used to keep your home and your office safe, use it and keep people monitored.

By Daniel Clark

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