Your Complete Guide On Choosing The Best Baby Monitor For Your Nursery

Choosing the right baby monitor for the nursery is one of the most challenging jobs for all new parents. Promoting safety at home is every parent’s responsibility. Many families have a separate room for infants. It allows a baby to sleep without any kind of disturbance and also allows parents to sleep or relax without waking up the baby.

In this case, it is very important to make certain that a baby is continually monitored to determine that he is safe in his room or in need of anything. To determine that your baby is safe in his room and taking a good nap, there is an instrument called a baby monitor. Only that kind of baby gear product provides you the peace of mind and letting you move around the house when your little one is sleeping alone in their room.

When it comes to shopping for a newborn, baby alarm is one of the first things on every parent’s list. It is a radio system that is used, to remotely listen to sounds made by an infant. Monitors are particularly important for infants who sleep in a room apart from parents and wake up at night for feeding, changing, or comforting. You can be occupied in another part of your home and hear when your toddler needs attention.

The simplest and least expensive method is via audio medium only, but most of the sound sleepers that are available in the market transmit video images as well as sound. Some specially designed baby monitors are also available in the market who have the ability to track your baby’s movements, heart rate, oxygen level, body temperature, and position. The quality of the audio and video of all the below mention baby monitors depends upon the range of the baby monitor transmitter and the transmitting frequency.

Generally, all monitors are designed to have a transmitter that stays in the room around your baby, and a portable receiver which is often called parent’s unit for the caregiver. There are many different types of baby monitors available in the market of baby’s gear world. When you have decided to buy a baby monitor, the first thing you need to also decide is whether you would like a standard audio monitor or the one with video capabilities as well.

Both the monitors work extremely well, but it’s up to you that which is best suited to your nursery and budget too.

  1. Audio Baby monitor

 Audio Monitors are generally the most inexpensive, which means they are a great cost effective option for keeping a tab on your baby while he is sleeping in their separate room. This is the most common type of baby monitor which is used by so many parents. This sound sleeper picks up all types of sounds from your child’s room and transmits them to the receiver monitor in the other room. This feature alerts the parents when their baby wakes up from a nap and in need of anything or if someone else enters the room.

When buying a baby monitor for your nursery, always remember to consider the sound quality. Always make sure that the sound of your selected sound sleeper should be clear, easy to hear and has a good volume adjustment button. Always check the range of that sound sleeper. If possible, then always trying to look into indoor range test results to get a good idea of how well it will work.

 Video baby Monitor

 When it comes to video baby monitors, these are one of the most popular options and highly preferred by the parents. Because they are still relatively affordable and their camera allows you to keep an eye on your kid without waking them up with creaky floors and doors. Generally, these monitors are equipped with good quality camera and microphone that have the ability to transmit your baby’s images and sounds to the receiver monitor which is placed in your room.

Additionally, these sound sleepers are also equipped with the ability to connect to the internet. This feature of these baby monitors allows you to keep track of your children from any computer, but only with a stable internet connection. 

  1. Motion Baby Monitor

As its name suggests, this type of baby monitor alerts you when your baby is not moving for more than around 20 seconds and the unusual behaviour of your child. Most of the parents prefer to buy this kind of baby monitor, whose babies were born before their birth time or prematurely.

This type of sound sleeper works a little differently to the average audio or video baby monitor. Instead of transmitting sound or videos to the receiving monitor, it perfectly works by using an excellent quality of sensor underneath the baby’s mattress to determine when your child moves throughout the night.

So, in this post, baby direct decided, to sum up, the list of the types of the baby monitor that all the parents need to know before buying your first sound sleeper for your nursery. In this way, they will be able to make a better choice.

By Daniel Clark

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