You Don't Need to Save the Earth – Just Money

Domestic energy consumption in the UK has been changing in recent years because of a number of factors. Rising costs of fuel, more efficient appliances and fittings, plus an awareness of the environment have all helped us realise we need to cut back on our fuel. Green initiatives have been the order of the day at work as well as cycle to work schemes and increased focus on recycling, businesses are charged huge amounts for waste disposal and we could all do with taking some of the lessons learned home.


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Making our Home Efficient

It’s not hard to be make your home efficient, but it does take commitment to change and unfortunately a wedge from your back pocket helps if you are eventually going to make huge savings.

Start with switching off appliances no longer in use and that means turning them off at the wall as well as with the remote control. Lights are a large portion of your electricity bill, so switching them off in unoccupied rooms is a must You can fit solar powered security lights outside so you never need to pay for your neighbour’s cat to walk around at night.

If you really want to live in an eco-friendly home, think about insulating your loft and walls as well as fitting low wattage lights and other electrical appliances like extractor fans. You can even fit some switches on a timer so they automatically turn off at certain times or after they have been on for a certain amount of time, which is useful of you have a habit of leaving the stairs lights on.

Ian Jones is a keen technology buff and a follower of climate change issues. He has been studying the many benefits of the use of winter solar lights for quite some time and highly recommends their employment.

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