You Could Be A Victim of Identity Theft

Failure to use common sense puts your identity at risk every day.

Many people incorrectly believe in general that thieves acquire personal identifying information by stealing wallets or hacking computers.


The truth is that identity thieves don’t need to go to such lengths to find out as much they want about you. They can set up credit card accounts, purchase property or even take over your entire identity by simply lying in wait for you to let your guard down or reveal too much about yourself publicly offline or online.

They also don’t need a lot of information to become you. They can use as little as your name and address or phone number with one other piece of data, such as a credit card number, social security number or computer or online account password.

With the ease that information spreads around the world via email, chat, phone and other methods, any data you want to keep private should never leave your lips or be placed in an unsecured area.

Source: The Stupidest Things that Put Your Identity at Risk.

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