Yonanas review

A few days ago I wrote about my first impressions with the Yonanas. I was impatient to use it and I didn’t used ripe bananas as I should have done (in my local supermarket all bananas were under ripe).

Anyhow I waited for the bananas to ripe and pop them in the freezer. I was eager to test the Yonanas again because I like the first ice cream a lot.


First let me tell you what is Yonanas

The Yonanas is a healthy “ice cream” machine which uses only fruits to make a creamy, smooth desert which tastes like ice cream.

Yonanas main features:

  • Makes creamy frozen desserts from fresh frozen fruits in minutes
  • Fat free, dairy free, guilt free
  • Reduces fat and low in calories
  • Quick and simple process for turning fresh fruits to delicious sorbets or ice-creams
  • Removable feeding shuttle and shredding disc for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
    This short video demonstrates how the Yonanas works.

Yoanans images

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Yonanas tests

This machine is super simple to use: all you have to do is insert frozen fruits into it and collect the ice cream.

The machine comes with a few recipes to get you started.

The final result is rich in flavor and smooth and creamy. It tastes a lot like fruity ice cream.

Yonanas review


I like the Yonanas feature – Fat free, dairy free, guilt free. The ice cream made with this gadget taste great and it is 100% frozen fruits.

Bananas are my favorite fruits so eating Yonanas ice cream is a pleasure, however you should know that you can’t make a classic vanilla ice cream with this device but you can create all sorts of combinations using frozen fruits.

In plus the design is compact so the device does not require a lot of kitchen space.

In conclusion

A must have gadget for people wanting to lose weight and still enjoy delicious deserts and for the ones living a healthy lifestyle.

Also it is a good option for vegans, especially for the ones who eat only raw foods. Now these persons can enjoy an ice cream.

Pricing and availability

The Yonanas Frozen Dessert Maker price tag is £54.99 and you can find it at No1brands4you.co.uk. And the guys from No1 Brands created a 10% off Yonanas Voucher code for our readers. To get the discount just use “YONA13”. The code will expire on the 31st of July.

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