Yonanas First Impressions

I got an Yonanas to review it and since this gadget promised healthy ice-creams I was curious to try it.


The device works with ripe bananas but the ones I got weren’t so ripe. I wanted to test the Yonanas so I place them in the freezer anyway.

When the bananas were frozen I tested the device. I started with just bananas to see how they taste alone and I am planning on experimenting with bananas and fruits combinations  next week.

The Yonanas woks very simple: all you have to do is place the ingredients in it and push them down.

In a couple of minutes I got 2 portion of “ice-creams”. They were 100% frozen bananas but the taste was creamy and smooth so if you did not knew what you were eating you could swear you are eating a classic banana ice cream with cream and sugar in it.

The taste was good but because I was impatient and didn’t used ripe bananas  as I should have the “ice-cream” wasn’t very sweet.

Anyhow I will continue to test the device and write a full Yonanas review soon. So, stay in touch! Smile

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