XtremeMac AirPlay2 FM Transmitter For iPod

XtremeMac AirPlay2 FM Transmitter For iPod

Cut The Cord.Upgrade to the wireless convenience of the AirPlay? FM Transmitter and never mess with the clutter of cords again! Simply plug AirPlay? into any Dock Connector iPod, excluding 3rd generation, tune to the same frequency as your FM radio, and push play to hear your tunes through your stereo.

AirPlay? has sleek looks to match its superior performance. It’s as thin and narrow as the iPod nano and features three programmable station presets that allow you to conveniently recall your clearest transmission frequencies. AirPlay? also has a mono mode for better reception in crowded radio markets, and a large, bright display for easy viewing, day or night.

AirPlay? draws its energy from the iPod and uses a minimal amount of power, which allows for hours of playback time. It connects to the iPod through its Dock Connector and features an additional pass-though female Dock Connector for connecting chargers-enabling you to operate and charge the iPod at the same time! Also includes an adhesive-backed dash mount.

AirPlay?’s ease of use, quality transmission, and sleek design make it truly unbeatable. Available in both black and white models. High quality, wireless FM transmission Brilliant blue LCD with easy-to-read white characters Three programmable station presets for convenient recall of clearest frequencies iPod powered, uses minimal amount of energy Pass-through Dock Connector functionality Compatible with all 30-pin car chargers Stereo/mono control Includes Dash mount Tuning range: 88.1 – 107.9

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