XtremeHD 2M HDMI > HDMI Cable For HD Devices

XtremeHD 2M HDMI > HDMI Cable For HD Devices

High Density Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is the new gold standard for high-definition, combining high-bandwidth digital video and multi-channel digital audio in one compact cable. XtremeHD HDMI cables exceed the latest HDMI specifications to provide the most advanced connection available for your A/V components. With the XtremeHD HDMI cable you can connect Apple TV, DVD players, satellite dish receivers, gaming consoles and more to your A/V receiver or HDTV for unsurpassed video clarity and audio performance. Don’t be fooled by the compact design. XtremeHD HDMI cables are constructed with the highest-quality materials available to give you an all-digital, high-fidelity connection between your components. 24k gold-plated connectors and triple-layer shielded cable ensure the best signal transfer for crystal clear audio and video.

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