X-mini Uno Capsule Speaker Review

The X-mini is one of my favorite gadgets and I use it almost every day to listen to music. So when I had the chance of reviewing the X-mini Uno capsule speaker I was enthusiast.

X-mini Uno

The X-mini Uno is even better than the X-mini because it delivers improved sound because it uses a new ceramic driver.

X-mini Uno closed

It has some useful features like:

  • compatible with mobile phones, Mp3 players, laptops, desktops, tablets, gaming stations and media players. In fact it works with every device which has a 3.5 audio jack
  • the battery life of the UNO has been improved to last up to 20 hours with each charge
  • the bass xpansion system is really cool and delivers a great sound quality

X-mini Uno opened

X-mini Uno Capsule Speaker Review

The X-mini Uno is light and easy to carry, it delivers great sound for a speaker so small. The sound is very clear and the bass is pretty powerful and in plus the speaker has a cool design.

Form the tests I made so far the X-mini Uno will probably replace the X-mini as my favorite speaker, although they can be used together.

It is ideal for traveling because the speaker is powerful (2.5W)

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