X-mini Max Review

I previously got the pleasure of reviewing the X mini and X mini Uno and I was excited by the opportunity of reviewing the new X-mini Max with the improved sound.

X-mini Max is a gadget I love and it will go in our best gadgets top for sure.





X-mini Max main features and specs:

  • great sound quality with powerful bass
  • compact (54mm x 82mm) and light (160g) so you can easily carry them anywhere
  • powerful sound (2W x 2)
  • great battery life – up to 18 hours with one charge
  • individual stowaway cables
  • sound control on the cable
  • available in different colors

X-mini Max review

The new X mini Max is one of the greatest gadgets I tested so far. The speakers are compact and light which makes them the perfect choice for traveling. Also the sound quality is amazing for speakers so small and the bass is powerful.

With the X-mini Max capsule speakers you can enjoy your favorite music everywhere. These speakers are compact and can fit in a pocket.

The battery life is good – you will get 18 hours of music with just one charge. The devices are charged via USB in 2.5 hours.

What is the most impressive about the X-mini Max is the sound quality and power. The sound is crystal clear and powerful enough for a room. In plus if you want extra power there is no problem: you can use the speakers along with other X-mini capsule speakers.

In conclusion: The X-mini Max are the best small speakers I ever seen. The sound quality is amazing and also they deliver enough power. All my friends who saw them love the speakers and wanted one.

Pricing and availability

The X-mini Max can be purchase online form Store.X-mini.com. The price tag is around $65 and worth every cent in my opinion.

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