Workflow-driven Solution for Professional Services Automation

I am always trying to learn something new. Every day I do a short research on a subject I know little or nothing about.  Today I stumbled upon a new term “workflow-driven solution for professional services automation ” and I was curious to find out what it means.


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Upland Software which is know as a cloud provider for business launched a new product called Tenrox 2013 R2. This software is a workflow-driven solution for professional services automation (PSA) which is designed to improve visibility into business performance and user adoption.

Tenrox 2013 R2 has been made to be user friendly and it features personalized home page views plus an intuitive interface. The data capture was made easier in the new version and it also enables data-fueled decision-making.

There are plenty of new features in the Tenrox:

  • the user interface was redesigned and it is now even more user friendly
  • the user can build a custom home page
  • new resource planning module which allows resources to be set according to each project’s productivity
  • new financial planning module. This allow users to forecast a project’s cost & revenue
  • new apps. The software can be used on smartphones and tablets due to the new iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry apps
  • MS CRM Online Integration on the Tenrox Quick Connect platform. Useful for larger business which need projects and opportunities from MS CRM to be integrated into Tenrox and KPI data from Tenrox to display in MS CRM.

The new Tenrox also have been updated to offer improved stability, performance, ease of use, and localization. 

This software solution is for companies which act globally and have dispersed services and global workforces. Without a software for analyzing data and making decisions the management will be an enormous task.

Find out how Tenrox can help business gain real-time visibility into project status, resources, costs & billing to optimize the productivity of dispersed project teams. More details on


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