Wireless FM Transmitter

Update: there are now and modern wireless FM transmitters. The technology evolved sine we first published this article back in 2007. Now you can get a

Wireless FM Transmitter with remote control for less than $10.

Go from wired to wireless

The great thing about electronic items like an MP3 player, DVD player, laptop computer, cell phone, etc. is that they have taken the best and fun features of entertainment and communication and placed them in a small and compact design.
However, even though technology has gotten smaller, that doesn’t mean that’s it’s completely portable. There are still times when you need to be connected to cumbersome wires in order to get your gadgets to work – especially when on the go. And, there aren’t too many power outlets in your car or vehicle.

The Wireless FM Transmitter lets you get the most from your MP3 player, laptop or other electronics through you home or car stereo – and it does it completely wireless!

How it works
The Wireless FM Transmitter works by broadcasting the sounds that come from your iPod, computer, video game, MP3 player or other electronic device through your car stereo, without the need to hook up or connect cumbersome wires and cords.

Just plug the Wireless FM Transmitter into your car’s cigarette lighter – or, use 2 “AAA” batteries to power it up. Then, connect the item you wish to use to it, either through the included USB port (for your MP3 player) or through the audio cord (great for a CD or DVD player).

Once you’re connected, use the transmitter to find an FM frequency that can broadcast the sounds from your device. When you’ve got the right channel, simply save it with the memory function, so you know what station is playing the songs from your own personal devices!

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