Will Life Change After Google Glass Hits Stores?

A couple of decades ago, the idea of a phone small enough to fit in one hand yet powerful enough to rival computers was a mere dream. Now, the market is overrun with such devices that make desktop and laptop computers almost obsolete. The next big tech revolution will undoubtedly begin with the release of Google Glass.


The Glass is one of the most anticipated gadgets to date. With the race to win the smartphone market getting increasingly tough, the makers of the innovative gadget decided to take themselves out of the running and instead create a new niche all to themselves. It’s clear that Google Glasses will revolutionize the function of a business phone and will redefine modern communication for years to come.

· Google Glass’ Impact on Social Interactions

The Glass boasts of instantaneous recording, uploading and sharing. This feature will enable a user to take a photograph of what he sees and share it with his friends. This technology may already exist, but having the ability to do it without lifting a finger will drive social networking and communication into hyperdrive. It remains to be seen, however if the advent of the Glass will create the same problem as smartphones pose when it comes to social interaction. Will having a high-tech gadget accessible with a voice command impede actual face-to-face communication as smartphones have done in recent times?

Users will also have the ability to access information about their surroundings with a voice command. They will be able to learn about navigating an unfamiliar road or predict the weather in a few hours just by training their Glass at their current location and asking for information. Google searches will become readily available in a blink of an eye. The device even advertises the use of finding friends nearby using notifications and searches. A user will no longer be bereft of information wherever he goes.


· Google Glass’ Impact on Technology

The coming of a device that is built nothing like present phones and gadgets will spur electronic giants to come up with products that will be able to rival the Glass. There may come a time where the trend will diverge from phones and tablets and veer toward Augmented Reality devices.

Aside from the obvious ripple effect the Glass will have on gadgets this new device will pave the way for more creative solutions to everyday problems. Augmented Reality has been thus far viewed as purely science fiction. With the creation of the Google Glass, this may very well become scientific fact. A device that allows the user to view the world differently will undoubtedly stimulate other creative minds to view problems in another light. The younger generation who will be using gadgets such as Google Glasses as off-handedly as the current one uses smartphones will create new technology that has yet to be fathomed by this generation. Now, everything is up for grabs. Flying cars, vacations on Mars, teleportation, and even a cure for mortality are not so far-fetched anymore.

For now, there is no telling for sure how Google Glass will impact everyday living. It may enhance or damage the quality of life of the tech-savvy. It may create a whole new market or crash and burn within weeks of production. One thing is for certain; the Google Glasses will make a big splash when it finally becomes ready for mass production. Currently in its beta testing stage, there are a lot of speculation about its capacity and features. People can expect a whole new experience and a new level of human communication, which will hopefully be for the better.


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