Why Your Website Marketing Relies On The Right Web Host

Your online presence is your unique gateway into the global market; with it, you portray your brand, its values, stories, and images to your target demographic. With a strong online presence you are able to tap into the endless possibilities of emotional drive, spike passion and create a personal relationship with your customers, which in turn will enable you to cut the curb, surpass the competition, and establish long-term growth.

In the modern world, the majority of your marketing efforts will be funneled through your website, the medium that is responsible for increasing your brand recognition, establishing your footing in the competitive market and driving sales. Thus, you can be rest assured that the perception of your brand in the global arena greatly depends on the speed, transparency, and responsiveness of your website.

In order to ensure peak website performance at all times, you need to research and rely on the best web-hosting provider that will be able to perfectly accommodate your needs and secure the fulfillment of your aspirations. Here is what you need to be looking for in a good website hosting company to drive traffic and realize your full marketing potential.

Why Your Website Marketing Relies On The Right Web Host 1

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Uptime, Performance, Security

All of the features you look for need to serve a single purpose – to drive traffic, which will boost recognition and sales. The uptime variable in the hosting equation refers to the amount of time a web hosting company is able to keep your website up and running, without interruptions, crashes, or decreased performance. While no hosting plan could guarantee you a 100% uptime rate, you should never settle for anything less than 99%.

Website performance will depend on the hosting plan you choose. There are three basic options that will somewhat vary in quality from host to host – Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the simplest option in which your website will be put on a shared server with limited resources, alongside hundreds if not thousands of other websites. While shared hosting is a viable option for small businesses that do not plan to expand their traffic volume, it is an inefficient option for aspiring companies. You will be contending for resources with other websites and more likely than not experience crashes or performance issues as part of collateral damage done by another website.

A steadier solution presents itself in VPS hosting, where you will be placed on virtual private servers that allocate resources according to your needs, yet you will still need to share those resources with other websites in the network.

Finally, there is dedicated hosting as the most reliable and powerful hosting plan available. This option is for aspiring businesses aiming to hit high traffic amounts and established companies alike. You will have your own server with vast resources to ensure its upkeep time and peak performance. Before choosing your plan, make sure to do your research and find cheaper web hosts such as these in order to make the most cost-effective solution that will yield results and produce the most potent ROI.

Lastly, you need to ensure stellar website and data security at all times. Look for hosts with proven security stats, authentic and honest reviews and don’t forget to inquire with prospective hosts to gather all of the necessary information before making your final decision.

Backup, Scalability, Support

The best hosting companies will provide you with data backup plans regardless of your chosen hosting package, enabling you to rest assured that your website’s data can be retrieved at all times in case of a crash, malware attack or any unexpected interruption. Your website’s data plays a pivotal role in the research and management of your customer base, allowing you to tailor your marketing plans and direct your marketing efforts towards delivering tailored goals for your business.

Next, you want to choose a host who will be able to scale the size and availability of your website’s resources in accordance with your growth and progress. When you start to experience brand growth due to the successfulness of your marketing campaigns, your website traffic will increase and you will need to scale your online presence to seamlessly accommodate the growing traffic and customer demands.

Lastly, you need to find a host that will be able to provide you with non-stop support and guidance in order for you to best utilize the resources you are paying for and yield the best possible results. A good host will not only provide you with constant support to answer all of your questions and fulfill your requirements, but will also provide you with all of the necessary guides and tutorials to educate you on how to best utilize their service and resources.

Marketing is no longer what it used to be before the age of global digitalization. The World Wide Web has taken over as the primary media outlet of the world, unrivaled in its content production, consumer influence, and marketing potential. You will best utilize these perspective possibilities by choosing and implementing the right hosting plan that will allow your business to conduct high-grossing marketing campaigns and propel your brand towards success and long-term recognition!

By Sean Lockwood

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