Why You Need Gadget Insurance

I am a big believer in the potential uses of mobile devices. I think they have revolutionized the way our society functions and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. They allow us to travel from place to place while remaining connected, they allow us to work on the go, and they allow us to turn one device into literally thousands of useful devices all in one. But mobile devices are not cheap. Why, even just the latest smartphone can cost you literally hundreds of pounds! With devices this costly, any sort of loss or damage to your device is extremely costly and can put a significant dent in your wallet. This is why you should make sure your device is covered at all times with a reliable and affordable gadget insurance plan.


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Homeowner’s Insurance Isn’t Enough

You may be thinking, "oh, I have homeowner’s insurance, so I don’t need additional coverage," but if you are, you’re probably unaware of a few things. The first is that homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance have lots of restrictions on what they will cover. These types of insurance plans won’t cover damage incurred from a variety of sources. These sources include, but are not limited to, earthquakes, floods, burst pipes and water heaters, and mould damage. You typically need to buy individual insurance plans for each of these different types of damage which adds up to a costly investment.

Also, homeowner’s and renter’s insurance typically only covers the cost of devices in your home at the time of the theft or damage occurring to them. This is almost pointless when you consider that these mobile devices are specifically designed for us to be able to take them to our destinations with us, and may spend a significant portion of their time outside of the home anyway!

So What Can You Do?

As I mentioned before, I recommend that everyone thinking about how to protect their costly devices consider investing in a good dedicated gadget insurance plan from a reputable insurance provider. This gets you around the issue of having to worry about restrictions on the type of damage that can be covered, and it allows you to take your devices outside of the home worry free because in the event of loss, damage, or theft outside of the home, you know you will still be covered. You can also select and choose which items and gadgets you deem important enough to cover.

There are lots of different gadget insurance companies to choose from in the UK so take your time to compare the different policies on offer from those that you deem suitable. Relying on your homeowner’s insurance as coverage for your mobile devices is abundant with dangers. You can’t get coverage outside of the home and there are many restrictions on the type of damage that can even be covered at all! This is why I recommend that people invest in a reliable insurance plan dedicated to mobile devices. Trust me, the relief you’ll feel is immeasurable.

Laura Ginn is a professional writer and blogger. She is a total technophile and takes her devices with her everywhere so you can be sure she does everything she can to keep them safe at all times!

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