Why We Love The Multi-Screen Generation

It’s hard to believe just how far we’ve come with technology screens. Rewind back 10 years ago and there was no Smart TV, no iPad, and the term ‘smartphone’ certainly wasn’t bandied about like it is now. There was a time when a small mobile phone was considered excellent – an innovation to behold. But we’ve since realized that bigger is better. We’re always after more. We need a large smartphone, an even larger iPad because the smartphone isn’t quite big enough, and, of course, a laptop because that’s even bigger.


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As consumers, we’re pleased when we have an array of devices to suit our every need. We don’t choose just one, despite that one device more than likely having the ability to do everything we need it to. Technology screens have certainly advanced in look, function and quality. Market-leading innovators are constantly upping their game. Last year, Apple was named the world’s largest tech company, with $740 billion in market cap, double that of Google who have been strong market leaders for the past 10 years themselves.

When it comes to quality, there’s more to tempt us. High-definition, Bluray and 3D are just some of the ways to view what we love at a higher quality. Platforms such as YouTube allow us to view their videos at a range of definitions, giving us the choice of how to use our data.

Multi-screen use is becoming exceptionally normal. Though an iPad can do practically anything you ask of it, we’re far more inclined to enjoy specific activities, apps and tasks on a favoured device. For example, Netflix can be enjoyed on a smartphone, but it’s much more desirable to watch a TV program or film on a larger screen such as a laptop. Sharing pictures is a lot more convenient and user-friendly on an iPad. Chatting with friends makes the most sense on a smartphone.

As well as using multiple devices for different reasons, the new generation is also likely to use said devices at the same time. Watching a TV boxset on Netflix through your Smart TV, whilst browsing Facebook on your phone and downloading music on your iPad – sound familiar? Plus, it’s now easier and quicker than ever before to share content across your devices or with friends.

With us wanting so much all at once, it’s natural that businesses have really had to target multi-screening in their marketing plans. No longer can a website solely function on a laptop – it needs to be mobile- and tablet-friendly to be recognized amongst the new technology-loving generation. If a website or app isn’t up to scratch? We’re unlikely to ever use it again or, more importantly, recommend it to our fellow web enthusiasts.

If advancements continue at this rate, there is so much more for us to enjoy on our tech devices. Viewing content aside, every aspect of our lives can be aided – fitness apps, restaurant recommendations, Uber taxis and payments through banking apps… the list goes on. We can’t wait to see what happens in the next 10 years.

By Siim

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