Why Google Chromecast is considered a game changer?

Google has just launched a brand-new Nexus 7 tablet. But the truth is that a smaller, less expensive device might have a better impact on the current tech market. Chromecast is an interesting thumb drive that permits Web streaming on TV. The item costs no more than $35, which is almost free considering that it comes with three free months of Netflix.


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Streaming media to a full-size screen is not something new. Over the last few years, Set-top boxes such as Boxee and Roku have already offered this service. However, Chromecast appears to provide the perfect Web streaming experience. The product is based on the concept of simplicity: the searching and finding of video content takes place on a laptop or smartphone, and Chromecast simply streams media from where it is stored. Both Apple and Google have struggled and failed to design excellent streaming TV items. Anyway, the upcoming full-on Apple TV set might change the situation.

These gadgets, together with Boxee, Roku and Chromecast, resemble the traditional TV in a certain way. Official “channels”, mainly Amazon, Netflix and several other Web video services are accessible. Still, Chromecast seems to improve streaming by providing a fast, basic version of what tech fans have had the possibility to achieve by connecting their TVs to their desktops and laptops. Basically, if you’re able to watch something on your phone screen, tablet or computer, you’ll have the chance to watch in directly on your TV as well. This is the rational objective of Web streaming, and according to numerous analysts, it appears that Google will hugely benefit from the fact that it was the first business to offer this service in a way that can be comprehended and utilized by the usual consumer.

Larry Magid, a well-known consumer tech analyst, stated that Google might end up ruling the TV delivery industry thanks to their innovative and reasonably priced product. Of course, Major League Baseball, Hulu, HBO Go and all other content providers will try to do business with Google. Plus, the TV networks might also be interested in getting their content on the ground-breaking gadget.

Customers in general seem greatly attracted by the 2-inch device. In fact, on Thursday afternoon, the product was out of stock on Best Buy’s website, as well as on Amazon. However, The Google Play store was still receiving orders, and they even mentioned that the gadget would be delivered in about 3 or 4 weeks.

Google will probably make deals with the numerous TV networks, but the truth is that Chromecast might also enable Google to do business directly with content providers. For example, Netflix made deals with original programs such as “Arrested Development” and the Emmy-nominated “House of Cards”, and this could also apply to Google. Until now, Web TV services have struggled to restrict their fundamental service to computers, providing the possibility to stream to TV for a certain amount of money. At the moment, Hulu explains that it’s collaborating with Google to provide an improved version of Chromecast. It remains to be seen if they can reach an agreement.

Anyway, no one knows how this revolutionary gadget will influence Google’s war with Apple. The popular Apple TV product that is available on the market has an Airplay characteristic to stream from the Web, and some people appear to love it. The problem is that the device functions only with Apple products. On the other hand, Chromecast functions on all platforms that run its Chrome browser. Therefore, this is definitely the greatest gadget ever launched by Google, and who knows maybe we’ll see more innovation from Google from now on.

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