Why Every Tech Geek Needs a Cool Home Security System

There is no doubt that today, we live in a high-speed, high-tech world. With infinitely expanding technological coolness all around, it gets harder and harder to not become a full-blown tech geek. Not only has the tech revolution touched us aloof, it has also brought a whole new level of modern coolness straight to our homes.

Why Every Tech Geek Needs a Cool Home Security System

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Our topic of tech treasure today: home automation and security systems. Grandpa’s security system of yesteryear is no longer. Today’s systems can control everything from entry, to mood enhancing music and temperature control. Every proper tech geek needs a cool home system, and here’s why.

Energy Control and Efficiency

The times of separate home system controls are gone. Less complicated is always better, and today’s automation systems can provide complete and automated control of just about every system in the house – all from one central point. Allow the system to maximize energy efficiency via temperature control schedules, lighting plans, and even home electronics administration. Modern systems can even monitor for leaks in areas in and around pipes. Users of such systems also enjoy the ability to control the level of control delegated to the system; in other words, it’s not all-or-nothing system control.

More Ability – Mobility

One of the coolest components to today’s “techy” home systems is the ability to have complete control whenever and wherever you are. If you are away and want to take a quick look in via camera, or simply make a system change, your system can be communicated with by any web-enabled device or telephone. Running late and expecting a special guest? With mobile control, you can have the door unlocked, lights on, temperature set, and background music playing. How’s that for impressive? Why Home Security Systems Las Vegas, for example, can be connected-to instantly from Milwaukee, or as far away as Bangladesh.

Status, Coolness

Mention can’t be avoided – such a cool system naturally strokes the geek’s ego; and it does a good job at that. Show the date, neighbors, family, friends, and even the bad guys that James Bond couldn’t clear your configuration, nor could King Midas enjoy such luxury. This is what coolness is truly about.

Safety and Insurance Consideration

There’s no doubt you and your belongings are extremely safe having a modern system. Not only will you feel this, but so will your wallet. Most homeowners insurances take great exception to a good system in the form of lower rates. In some cases, discounts can sometimes be found that completely offset the system’s price.

Home security systems used to strictly appeal to our basic needs of safety and security. Today however, they can truly make us feel like kings and queens in the lap of luxury. If you’re a tech geek, the effect is even that much sweeter.

Article by Casey Haslem

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