Which iPod is right for me?

So you want a new iPod? The question to consider is which iPod will be right for you and which will give you the best coverage for the best value?


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With different types of iPods on the market it can be hard to choose between them. They each have their own specific features and come with a range of price tags.

The Shuffle

The shuffle is a small, sleek mp3 player with a simple array of clickable controls. The shuffle is designed to listen to playlists or songs on shuffle, but have the settings to play tracks in order should you wish. The shuffle comes with a clip built into its aluminium casing so you can easily attach it to a piece of clothing or a bag strap when you are out and about.

At just £40 for a 2gb Shuffle, it is great value for money and it comes with voice-over commands to let you know which song is playing, which makes up for the lack of screen.

The Nano

The Nano is a step up from the Shuffle, coming in at £129 for a 16 GB device. The Nano has a screen with a multi-touch display and is a great size at just 3.01inches tall, 1.48 wide and 0.21 deep. The audio playback reaches up to 30 hours and it also plays up to 3.5 hours of video. If you need a device suitable for running the Nano is a small, durable option which has a built in pedometer and provides real-time feedback.

The Touch

Quite possibly the most popular iPod, the touch provides all you could ever want from a music player, and more. The 5th generation touch was launched in late 2012 and comes in an array of colours like the Nano and Shuffle. It has a 4 inch retina display and a 5 megapixel camera which is capable of recording 1020p HD videos. It is controlled by a mutli-touch display and has access to the app store for games, podcasts, audio books and more. It’s a slightly bigger player at 4.86 by 2.31, but with a depth of just 0.24 inches, it’s still a pretty light device to carry around. At just £249 for the 32gb and £329 for the much larger 64gb, the iPod touch is perfect for anyone that wants some of the benefits of an iPhone, without forking out for a handset.

The Classic

The Classic is a modern version of what came first for iPod. With the design hardly changing since the first iPod was born the Classic comes with 160gb of storage space for just £199. It features the original click wheel for navigation but has a colour LCD display, with the ability to play videos and TV shows, read audiobooks and listen to music, and with that storage and up to 36 hours audio playback, it will keep you plugged into your favourite music for longer. The Classic is perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their original iPod but keep it looking and feeling the same.

So if the time has come sell your iPod and upgrade it to a newer model or your thinking about getting your first ever iPod, hopefully now you are more clued up as to what’s available for you and find the iPod that works for you.

Alison Merry is a gadget and technology enthusiast from Enfield.

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