What’s Tops for Gaming? Tablets versus Smartphone

Tablet vs Smartphone for Gaming

Thinking back to the days before mobile phones is difficult to imagine.  With smartphones people now have everything they need in their hands.  Smartphones are not only useful for connecting with people they are also useful for all types of entertainment.  What better way to enjoy a few break with a game.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have made it easier for people to enjoy gaming.  People are no longer bound to their PC’s or gaming consoles and it’s not even necessary for them to buy handheld video games.  Smartphones seem to be the device of choice when it comes to gaming.  Even though the tablet has experienced a good increase in growth it looks as though its popularity may have stalled.  The biggest competitor for the tablet has been the smartphone, which gets smarter and smarter as technology advances and developers are able to pack so much into such a small device.  Smartphones can now do all the things a tablet can and they are much easier to carry around.  It is no longer necessary for people to buy two devices when one will do the job just as well.

What's Tops for Gaming? Tablets versus Smartphone 1

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Bigger and Better

Looking back to when tablets had 10 inch screens and smartphone screens were much smaller the logical choice would be the tablet as the online blackjack Canada has to offer, and all other games would look better on the bigger screen.  Even though the smartphone was more convenient the small screen really wasn’t conducive to gaming.  As technology has advanced smartphone screens have got bigger which has made it possible for smartphones to be a great gaming device.

Smartphones have a longer battery life when compared to a tablet and smartphone tablets are being made to last even longer.  A tablet will generally only go for about 10 hours until it has to be recharged.

The Start of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming began its story in 1990 when the very first mobile game came pre-installed on the Nokia 6110.  The game was Snake and was released with the phone in 1997.  Nokia then attempted to integrate the two, a phone and a gaming console, into one device which produced the N-Gage.  The N-Gage did not take off as expected as users preferred to have two separate devices.

When Apple released its first iPhone the mobile phone industry went through a drastic change.  The era of the smartphone is considered to have begun in 2007 when Apple released its iPhone 2G which was a phone, but the interface looked like a desktop.  The iPhone 2 was an impressive phone with regard to its hardware and the iOS was perfect for gaming.

Smartphones are the Future

When it comes to the future of gaming mobile is the direction it is going in.  Mobile gaming apps on smartphones are great for gaming and this also increases the usage of smartphones.  Smartphones can now also be used for gaming besides all of the other functions it serves.  Many people carry their smartphones with them all the time so a quick game is never a problem.  Many people have an hour here and there to spare and playing a quick game is the way to fill it.  Tablets, although mobile, are not quite as easy to transport, but a smartphone always goes with its user.  There are a wide range of mobile phone games from casino games, word games, puzzles any kind of game really is available.

Looking at these facts, smartphones are the best way to game.  Smartphone screens are now much bigger and much more convenient to carry around.

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